NEON Optimization Forum TR

Blueprint Specifications

Summit Minutes:

Summit Actions and Closure Notes

  • Wikipage to hold existing optimized software implementations (codecs, encryption, checksumming)
    • Also capture requests for software-optimizing
    • How to message it? NEON-optimizing usefully constrains optimization type; maybe ARM optimizing; take into account that OpenCL is another optimization avenue
    • Aggregate per domain? For instance, Codecs/formats available, and then noting what is optimized
      • Potentially grade optimization level of codecs
  • Mailing list to hold conversation around site-specific optimization
  • Potentially hold a day or set of sessions in Cambridge August sprint

Collaboration tools

A NEON optimization mailing list will be created.The mailing list will be administered by the MMWG. It will be used for discussions on NEON optimization in general. We will have to work closely with partners including ARM.This work will be done is close coordination with the Linaro infrastructure group.

Forum Organization

A NEON optimization forum will be created for discussion on NEON optimization.The forum will be hosted on a Linaro server.There are a number of open source forum applications which will be considered like SEO-Board,phpBB,Vanilla etc. The forum administration and moderation initially will be done by Linaro.

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