Agenda for Linaro Connect 2011

MMWG Summit Introductions - all in Corpus Christi

  • NEON Optimization Forum Summit - Thursday 14:00 - 18:00, Corpus Christi room
    • Forum kick off face to face meeting
    • Discuss implementations, performance measurements, techniques and practices
    • Presentations
      • NEON Optimization Best Practices - Rony Nandy - 14:00-15:30
      • NEON Optimization of the x264 Codec - Yang and Fangbao (ARM) - 15:30-17:30
  • Multimedia Working Group Summit - Friday 9:30-13:00, Corpus Christi room
    • Planning session and work item breakdown for next 2 releases
    • Audio 9:30-11:00
    • Codec Optimization 11:00-12:00
    • Next steps and Backlog items 12:00-13:00

MMWG Plans and Goals - Queen's Room

  • UMM user space API first draft
  • Finalize OpenMAX vendor survey results
  • Work with Android team for enabling libjpeg-turbo in Android
  • NEON Optimization Forum Summit
  • Refine plan for Audio UCM support and how it relates to Android
  • Examine remaining optimization oportunities for software codecs

Notes from kick off session Monday:

What additional things to hack/discuss during the week


Additional or different codecs

  • discussion as prep for codec optimization plans

Tools for validation for codec profiling

  • Set of clips - test samples
  • Encoder validation - specific bit rates, etc Speed vs. "good enough" - no standard for quality
  • Perf, oprofile

Audio validation

  • also difficult to validate

Test formats

  • links to formats and boundry cases that are outside the top 10%
  • Act as aggregation of content that hit most popular user cases
  • Not plan in corner cases requiring indepth codec experience, leave that to the test format companies

Test tools/frameworks


  • Less user space focused, out of band
  • Managed by the application
  • GStreamer in caps
  • Buffer sharing - handle passing
  • Refcounting hidden from user space
  • DRI for non-android
  • Documentation session - hacking docs for UMM for User Space recomendation
    • Outline and whiteboard discussion
    • not User Space focused, so application viewpoint, Xorg driver, ect
    • Impact to existing multimedia
    • Relationship to Android - Compare and contrast with ION
    • OpenMAX tie in
    • OMAP example, reference implementation description
  • Parser?


Audio use of UMM work


  • wiki finalizing of survey results
  • Define the role of Linaro in Khronos/OMX and Android - are we the conduit

NEON Forum

  • Tools discussion
  • Topics
  • Gathering of projects for wiki

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