Codec Optimization TR

Blueprint Specifications

Summit Minutes:

Summit Actions and Closure Notes

  • Mans, Tom, Mandeep to work with Darrell on -turbo
  • Study how Android does hardware capability selection to dynamically load NEON vs non-NEON components?
  • Look at OpenSSL on ARM; evaluate NEON optimization potential
  • Look at libjpeg Android loading: how is support for hardware codecs handled?
  • Investigate how libjpeg-turbo could cater for handling hardware decoding
    • Switching would need to be dynamic because for smaller images the latency overhead could negate the benefit
    • How would the hardware codec be exposed to libjpeg-turbo
    • What about decoding hundreds of images in a gallery
  • Investigate OpenCV implementation -- how much of it is vectorizable; what has been SSE'd; how hard will it be to add NEON routines (Mandeep: some Freescale work done)
    • Do a broad sweep of Ubuntu packages that are using SSE and missing NEON for candidates for work
      • pixman, skia probably already have NEON code
      • transcoding for MMS might be another use case
  • Look at use of composition/blending and color conversion in SurfaceFlinger; potential for NEON work or handled by the GPU already?

    • Investigate which upstream projects could accept NEON optimizations



  • High priority for integrated libjpeg-turbo


  • Well optimized for ARM.


  • Need optimized for ARM neon, low priority


  • Need optimized for ARM neon, low priority


  • Most of the vendors use hardware to accelerate. SW encoder will be optimized with neon.


  • Most of the vendors use hardware to accelerate.


  • Specific licensing needed

Test Framework/Testcases

Test Content

  • Will be hosted in public place, can be accessed by all working group and partner vendors.
  • Used for case of optimized codec benchmark, conformance test for encoder, demo application.

Supported format matrix

Hosting location

  • To be defined

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