UCM for pulse audio is in developing and there're many features unavailable. We need to help implementing the left features, discuss with pulseaudio and android communities to define general use cases, and implement them in pulseaudio. Also there should be a policy manager for use case switching, so that events like jack plugin or application events can be handled properly.

Release Note


Pulse audio will invoke alsa module for profile query and switch. UCM will handle the profile properly so that no platform specific data will be hard coded. Abstract profile control is available then.

User stories



Pulseaudio's alsa module supports set_profile to extend the alsa card's running mode. pulse_ucm.jpg


UI Changes

Code Changes


Test/Demo Plan

Use pulseaudio utils to test the ucm in pulseaudio. If the utils are not enough, contribute to them.

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion

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