Place: #linaro-meeting on irc.linaro.org or irc.freenode.net

  • Time: Tuesday at 1300 UTC


Standing Agenda

 * [TOPIC] Review Actions
 * [TOPIC] Review Team Status 
 * [TOPIC] New Business


 * krtaylor, robclark, biris setup session at LC for header installation for panda camera support - DONE
 * wei_feng2 and krtaylor to get a base plan for PA UCM support 
 * ronynandy to create agenda and coordinate NEON forum session 

Team Work - Status Summary

Benjamin Gaignard (benjiG)

  • setup snowball for LCQ4.11
    • ST_Ericsson/Linaro kernel 3.0 + CMA v16 + dma_buf + dma_buf test from Sumit branch

Kan Hu (Kan)

Kurt Taylor (krtaylor)

  • Created invitee list for LC4Q11 on schedule wiki, all invitations sent, 0% success, all going to ELC-E
  • Created all session blueprints for LC4Q11 scheduling (NEON1 & 2, UCM for PA, UCM for Android, Camera header)

  • Brought up Android on pandaboard - duplicated #874429, general testing
  • Continued debugging #775060, was slowing progress on tower, gave up and re-installed with oneric - fixed? not able to reproduce lockup (yea)
  • Created MMWG celebration poster bullets for Stephen
  • Built tinyalsa and playing around with it on Ubuntu
  • Attempted to get audio working on pandaboard to duplicate Vishal's success, need to learn how to build as support in not in tracking or staging images
  • Adding device and card passing to tinyplay (tinyalsa) and debugging
  • Created UCM for Android BP work items release and acceptance criteria

Mans Rullgard (mru)

Rony Nandy (ronynandy)

Rob Clark (robclark)

  • v3 and v4 of omapdrm driver.. ready to merge for 3.2 except that it is not in linux-next yet..
  • resurrected PVR support on latest 3.1 kernel (hwmod stuff broken after I'd rebased to ~3.1-rc6 or so)
  • started implementing video display in X11

Feng "Wayne" Wei (wei_feng)

  • prepare the boards and images for LC
  • prepare the discussion for pa ucm, on going...

Tom Gall (tgall_foo or Dr_Who)

Meeting Minutes

Thurs Meeting

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