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  • Time: Tuesday at 1300 UTC


Standing Agenda

 * [TOPIC] Review Actions
 * [TOPIC] Review Team Status
 * [TOPIC] New Business



Team Work - Status Summary

Benjamin Gaignard (benjiG)

Kan Hu (Kan)

Mandeep Kumar (mkum)

Rony Nandy (ronynandy)

  • Review of the different speech codecs doing code inspection for requirements of NEON optimization:INPROGRESS
  • A NEON version of SILK has been released last week by Skype.So, SILK is no longer a priority.Reviewing Ogg-Vorbis(Tremor) and Speex.
  • Check for feasibility of using OpenMP or Open CL also.Need to focus on tool support and overheads using these standards:INPROGRESS

Rob Clark (robclark)

Feng "Wayne" Wei (wayne or wei_feng))

Meeting Minutes

<krtaylor> #startmeeting

<krtaylor> oh well

<krtaylor> The actions are slim this week as we have been getting up and running in the work and bp status

<krtaylor> so let's run through a quick status, what you are working on and any issues

<krtaylor> please include any scheduled release work item state

<krtaylor> benjiG, let's start with you

<benjiG> ok

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<benjiG> I was on vacation :-)

<krtaylor> any issues ;-)

<benjiG> 1 old gst-openmax patch has been pushed upstream

<krtaylor> survey is one of our first deliverables, how's that coming?

<benjiG> good I think that we can conclude it during the sprint

<krtaylor> looks like TI OMX is remaining

<benjiG> ho !?!

<robclark> what do you need from me?

<krtaylor> ok, so the 11.07 work items will finish up this week?

<krtaylor> I'm just looking at the bp

<benjiG> ok I will update the bp

<krtaylor> ok, good, thanks

<krtaylor> anything else?

<robclark> I just updated my KMS bp.. nearly done w/ it..

<benjiG> "document OMX IL client findings" is done now

<benjiG> and "publish conclusions" is in progress

<krtaylor> that was fast ;-)

<krtaylor> thanks

<benjiG> I will start looking ofr reference implementation and low level API

<benjiG> that's all

<krtaylor> benjiG, you are planning on attending LC

<benjiG> yes ! :-)

<krtaylor> and is there anyone that we could invite to help with api reference implementation?

<benjiG> I see nobody for the moment ...

<krtaylor> you don't have any special h/w requirements, right

<benjiG> not yet

<krtaylor> ok, thanks

<krtaylor> on to kan_hu

<kan_hu> discuss with zach about the test content

<kan_hu> they have already a bp about some multimedia test

<krtaylor> kan_hu, the bp looks good, but progress for 11.07 is still "TODO" and I know some of this work has been done, please update

<kan_hu> okay

<krtaylor> any news on the hosting?

<kan_hu> no

<krtaylor> are they working on it?

<kan_hu> I'll check with zach about that

<kan_hu> zach create a integration bp for me about try their tool

<kan_hu> did I need follow up that?

<krtaylor> yes please, push to get the 11.07 work items done, I'd like to get you working on other things

<kan_hu> okay.

<kan_hu> so what's the other things you planed?

<krtaylor> we have work in several areas waiting, let's talk after meeting

<kan_hu> okay

<kan_hu> maybe tomorrow, it's late for today

<krtaylor> but this work need to be finished first, but I feel like it is close

<krtaylor> anythink else kan_hu ?

<kan_hu> no

<krtaylor> ok

<krtaylor> Hi mkum

<mkum> Hi

<krtaylor> let's talk after the meeting if you have a moment

<mkum> sure

<krtaylor> thanks

<tgall_foo> krtaylor, did you have a link to an agenda ?

<krtaylor> https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/Notes/2011-07-19

<krtaylor> tgall_foo, as much as it is this week

<ronynandy> Review of the different speech codecs doing code inspection for requirements of NEON optimization:INPROGRESS

<ronynandy> A NEON version of SILK has been released last week by Skype.So, SILK is no longer a priority.Reviewing Ogg-Vorbis(Tremor) and Speex.

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<ronynandy> Interacted with the Product Manager of SILK,mail forwarded to you

<ronynandy> Check for feasibility of using OpenMP or Open CL also.Need to focus on tool support and overheads using these standards:INPROGRESS

<krtaylor> yes, saw the email - also tgall_foo may have some input on others

<ronynandy> NEON forum work items for 11.07 are more or less on track...

<krtaylor> yes, great progress there

<krtaylor> any word on the forum tools?

<ronynandy> mailing list is done...need to braodcast the info

<krtaylor> message forum exists, do we need to get it going with content or does it require a new heading or something?

<ronynandy> i plan to create content

<krtaylor> maillist - I'll see if Linaro marketing can help with that

<ronynandy> starting with a FAQ on NEON optimisation

<ronynandy> will also get it reviewed by robclark

<ronynandy> and other NEON experts

<krtaylor> an announce to the linaro-dev wouldnt hurt, similar to the crossedv email that cam out in the last few days

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<krtaylor> good!

<krtaylor> ronynandy, I need to work with you on the NEON summit schedule

<krtaylor> do we need Friday morning?

<ronynandy> https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/Specs/1111/NEONOptimizationForum/Summit

<ronynandy> Schedule: Date:04.06.11 , Time:14:00-15:30 ,Location:Corpus Christi Room ,Duration:1.5 Hours

<ronynandy> i have put this tentative schedule

<krtaylor> ok, so that is all for now? and it is current?

<ronynandy> withing the multimedia slots,u can change as u wish

<ronynandy> and Schedule: Date:04.06.11 , Time:15:30-17:30 ,Location:Corpus Christi Room ,Duration:2 Hours

<ronynandy> for the 264 discussion

<krtaylor> good, so do you think Thurs pm is enough for NEON and we could use Fri for planning?

<ronynandy> i have put it tentatively..we can also move it to a friday

<ronynandy> i guess planning is a priority so...

<krtaylor> I'd like to do a plan wrapup on Fri morn before everyone leaves

<krtaylor> ok

<krtaylor> anything else?

<ronynandy> thats all

<krtaylor> on to you robclark

<robclark> after a few snags, I'm mostly up and running on 3.0 kernel..

<krtaylor> great

<robclark> also sent a couple trivial patches to dri-devel (noticed a need for some common fxns, so split them out..)

<krtaylor> ok, is this being tracked under a gwg bp?

<robclark> next step, start on the overlay bit.. proposing something there was last thing (I think) on KMS topic for 11.07

<robclark> yeah, hang on..

<krtaylor> ah KMS ok

<robclark> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-mm-sig/+spec/engr-mm-kms-2011.07

<robclark> yeah

<krtaylor> so, hm, do we need a engr bp under tr-multimedia-userspace-memory-management?

<krtaylor> it feels like we do

<robclark> I guess I should have put a work item on there for GEM support (so I have a way to allocate overlay buffers).. I banged that out over the weekend, but figured it was bad-form to retroactively put a "DONE" item on the blueprint

<robclark> I think there is another one for UMM..

* robclark digging up bp links again..

<krtaylor> maybe we should, if anything to point to the other bp and track progress for MMWG

<robclark> oh, I guess this one https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-multimedia-wg/+spec/tr-multimedia-userspace-memory-management

<krtaylor> I have no problem with work/DONE in one movement

<robclark> ok..

<robclark> I still need to finish writing up the UMM API bit.. I forgot about that..

<robclark> got to find which bp that was in..

<robclark> btw, I noticed your syntax was a bit different in tr-multimedia-userspace-...

<krtaylor> please add any work you are doing, yeah, that bp (last link) is the requirement bp, not a tracked engr bp

<benjiG> robclark: do you think that UMM API will be ready for LC ?

<robclark> krtaylor, ahh, ok, didn't realize there was a difference

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<robclark> benjiG, maybe not the implementation, but the proposal of what the API should be will

<krtaylor> robclark, not many do, its confusing to say the least

<benjiG> ok

<robclark> krtaylor, ok, does that mean we should create a different engr bp for that? Or is there one already?

<krtaylor> robclark, yeah, thats what I was thinking earlier

<krtaylor> maybe we should just to point to all the gwg bps

<robclark> fwiw, I do have a couple sub-items on some of sumits's bp's under gwg..

<krtaylor> and track any additional work in userspace

<krtaylor> ok, we should have a mmwg bp to pull all this together

<krtaylor> I'll create if you'll populate with all the links

<krtaylor> and status

<robclark> krtaylor, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-mm-sig/+spec/engr-mm-bo-sharing-2011.07

<robclark> I need to update that one.. just a sec

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<krtaylor> cool, robclark, Jesse has a session Wed pm for discussing api in userspace

<krtaylor> do we need additional for MMWG?

<robclark> ok, I'll be there of course

<robclark> I think we just combine MMWG and GWG for that and have one session..

<robclark> it is best that MMWG and GWG work together on that

<krtaylor> yes, my preference too

<benjiG> +1

<krtaylor> ok, and h/w - any special needs for LC

<robclark> keyboard, mouse, monitor...

<robclark> I'm sure there will be a shortage of power adapters.. I'll have one to bring

<krtaylor> B.Y.O.B. - bring your own boards ;-)

<robclark> I'll bring a panda and cables of course..

<robclark> hopefully someone is arranging for some ethernet hubs?

<krtaylor> I'll request extra power and kb/mouse

<krtaylor> and network, good point, I'll verify

<ronynandy> krtaylor:DO we need to get development boards?

<robclark> ok, that should be good.. I have somewhere a small keyboard that I'll try and cram in the suitcase, but I guess if I don't need it there will be someone else who does need a spare kb/mouse

<ronynandy> krtaylor: ok

<krtaylor> ok, anything else robclark ?

<robclark> I think that is all

<krtaylor> wei_feng, on to you

<wei_feng> prepare materials for visa

<wei_feng> i'm not sure if I can catch the trip

<krtaylor> wei_feng, did you get the invite?

<wei_feng> yes

<wei_feng> got it

<krtaylor> ok, do you have all plans in place just need visa?

<krtaylor> or do you have to wait to get visa

<krtaylor> thinking later

<wei_feng> have to wait

<wei_feng> build up ucm test environment on imx53

<krtaylor> ok, well, I was hoping to have the UK local audio gurus come to LC

<krtaylor> please let me know ASAP about your visa

<wei_feng> ok

<krtaylor> so I can invite the gurus

<wei_feng> that's all

<krtaylor> ok, good progress on specs and bp

<krtaylor> looks good

<krtaylor> did you have any other discussions with ASoC folks for setting up the git repository for UCM configs?

<wei_feng> no

<wei_feng> i'm testing on reference board

<krtaylor> ok

<krtaylor> anything else?

<wei_feng> that's all

<krtaylor> tgall_foo, any news?

<krtaylor> or Dr_Who ? ;-)

<Dr_Who> :-) either one

<Dr_Who> helped Zach get started getting libjpeg-turbo onto android

<krtaylor> yes!

<Dr_Who> checking in with him yesterday evening, sounds like I'll need to get a little more involved to help that through to successful completion ..

<Dr_Who> it's not an 11.07 delivery per se but actually needed for this demo they are doing after linaro connect in august

<krtaylor> did you see the errors from Prashanth?

<Dr_Who> it's an important element of the demo so it's a gotta do

<Dr_Who> yes I had had them forwarded my way

<krtaylor> good

<Dr_Who> err wait .. no that's something else

<Dr_Who> he's the one that pinged me around 4:00am this morning I think

<Dr_Who> need to follow up on that but yes say the message

<Dr_Who> (missing a libtoolize)

<krtaylor> yes, mkum, would also be a great resource, feel free to contact him directly

<Dr_Who> anyway ... beyond that have a few posts to the list in mind to get out this week and start some discussion on validation methods and want to do a gprof or akin over the library in use

<Dr_Who> that's the libjpeg-turbo list

<krtaylor> super!

<Dr_Who> that's about it beyond random trivia :-)

<ssvb> Dr_Who: gprof is not very useful for profiling

<krtaylor> mkum, can you hang out in #linaro-multimedia today for Dr_Who conversations?

<mkum> sure i will try to be there

<krtaylor> excellent!

<krtaylor> anything else Dr_Who ?

<Dr_Who> ssvb: yeah ... have to see what's best on arm

<Dr_Who> nope, thanks krtaylor

<krtaylor> thank you!

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<krtaylor> ok, for me, I have been working on the public plan review

<krtaylor> I sent it out, any comments, refinements, please email them ASAP

<ssvb> Dr_Who: oprofile works quite fine, and does not need the binaries to be built in a special way

<Dr_Who> ssvb: excellent

<krtaylor> Dr_Who, you are coming to LC right?

<ssvb> Dr_Who: does this android porting work need something special? I mean the changes to the code other than just build scripts tweaks

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<Dr_Who> krtaylor: would love to however IBM won't pay my way

<krtaylor> ouch

<Dr_Who> ssvb: yeah it's just silly build-foo

<krtaylor> ok, any new business?

<krtaylor> looks like we'll finish on time for a change

<krtaylor> 3

<krtaylor> 2

<krtaylor> 1

<krtaylor> ok, thanks everyone - go back to #linaro-multimedia now

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<krtaylor> #endmeeting

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<Prashanth> mkum: HI Mandeep

<mkum> yes

<Dr_Who> Hi Prashanth

<Prashanth> I am trying to Build the Libjpeg turbo decoder and I am getting an error "configure: error: conditional "amfastdepCCAS" was never defined. Usually this means the macro was only invoked conditionally."

<Prashanth> Is there anything I am missing

<Prashanth> Dr_Who: Hello

<mkum> Can you please let me know what sequence of commands are you issuing for building?

<Dr_Who> Prashanth: this is what you need to do : aclocal, autoconf -f ; libtoolize; automake -f ; ./configure

<Prashanth> okay I am building on ubuntu,I gave this command "./configure --host i686-pc-linux-gnu CC=Linaro Tool chain path"

<Dr_Who> oo cross

<Dr_Who> Prashanth: usually your cross tools should be in your path

<Dr_Who> Prashanth: so ./configure --host=i686-blah-blah should be enough

<mkum> Prashanth I would recommend building natively on ARM if you can

<Dr_Who> setting CC is telling it to use that particular compiler ... not for a path

<Prashanth> Dr_Who: Ya I am telling which compiler to use...

<Dr_Who> with the 1.1.1 + linaro patch set, cross should work but I'm with mkum I wouldn't build it cross if you can avoid it

<Dr_Who> Prashanth: right but --host should also take care of that

<ssvb> mkum: libjpeg-turbo crosscompiles perfectly fine, so there is no strict need for native builds other than running tests

<mkum> ssvb: main issue is NEON detection on cross

<mkum> I guess there need to be special flags to indicate NEON while doing configure

<ssvb> mkum: you can't do neon detection on cross, because you don't know whether it is supported by target hardware

<mkum> yes that's exactly my point is

<mkum> on Native build configure does the detection

<ssvb> native build has the same problem

<mkum> I think there is detection of instruction set and NEON flag are set based on that

<Dr_Who> sure but in cross --with-simd should still respected

<Dr_Who> mkum: no it's just looking at uname output

<mkum> yes but still it arrive somehow on what machine support

<Prashanth> mkum: I will try building natively on ARM,but currently I dont have the setup...is there any means by which i can build from cross compile with neon enabled...(I know the hardware supports neon)

<mkum> Like Dr_Who said ideally if you specify all the right flags in configure it may work

<ssvb> Prashanth: why do you specify i686-* for --host configure option if you want to build it for arm?

Thurs Meeting

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