Place: #linaro-meeting on irc.linaro.org or irc.freenode.net

  • Time: Tuesday at 1300 UTC


Standing Agenda

 * [TOPIC] Review Actions
 * [TOPIC] Review Team Status
 * [TOPIC] New Business


 * Identify Linaro Connect attending and required hardware
 * robclark - UMM - blueprints for MMWG contributions
 * team - finalize schedule for Linaro Connect

Team Work - Status Summary

Benjamin Gaignard (benjiG)

  • push conclusions proposal to OMX survey.
  • look at CMA patches.
  • ping gst-openmax maintainer for old patches to be merged.

Kan Hu (Kan)

Mandeep Kumar (mkum)

Rony Nandy (ronynandy)

  • Neon Optimisation mailing List is created.
  • Rough Draft of NEON best practices presentation uploaded in wiki.
  • Blueprints finetuned for plan review.
  • Spent a day bringing up android on panda.

Rob Clark (robclark)

Feng "Wayne" Wei (wayne or wei_feng))

Tom Gall (Dr_Who) Dev Platforms Liaison

Meeting Minutes

Raw meeting log inline as bot not working properly, Thurs also below

krtaylor>30 #startmeeting

krtaylor>30 hm, maybe no bot today?

Dr_Who> fabo's bot still MIA ?

krtaylor>30 drat, oh well, I'll do it manually then

krtaylor>30 that explains why I can't find the logs from last week ;-)

krtaylor>30 #topic Review Actions

ssvb> hi, may I also kind of participate in your meeting (mostly wondering about what's going on with libjpeg-turbo and neon optimizations)?

krtaylor>30 I interpreted a few actions from the emails, etc

krtaylor>30 ssvb, yes!

ssvb>21 krtaylor: great, thanks!

krtaylor>30 Linaro Connect is coming up on us FAST

krtaylor>30 in addition to completing the public plan review, we need to set a schedule and agenda

robclark> fyi, I got approval to travel for connect

krtaylor>30 we need to verify those attending

krtaylor>30 and then identify hardware needs

krtaylor>30 robclark, excellent

Dr_Who won't be at linaro connect, no travel approval :-(

robclark> bring monitors, keyboards, mice..

krtaylor>30 so is everyone planning on attending, do you have approval?

benjiG> yes ! :-)

ronynandy> yes

krtaylor>30 kan_hu, wei_feng_ ?

kan_hu> i'will not attend

krtaylor>30 do you have approval to attend Linaro Connect?

wei_feng_> I won't either

krtaylor>30 OUCH

krtaylor>30 is it due to visa or budget?

krtaylor>30 kan_hu, wei_feng_ ?

wei_feng_> I get approval, but don't have invitation letter till now

wei_feng_> I think I have no time to get visa

fangbao> yang zhang and I will attend if visa is ok.

fangbao> hi, wei_feng_, I think time is enough.

ronynandy> wei_feng_, :give it a try the british ambassy in india gives the visa in a weeks time

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krtaylor>30 wei_feng_, please try to get you visa if you have approval, audio is one of the areas that would REALLY benefit from a sprint environment

krtaylor>30 kan_hu, ?

wei_feng_> I will try

fangbao> The UK visa will be approved in 15 days in China.

19yangzhang (~chatzilla@ has joined #linaro-meeting

krtaylor>30 ok, please try to attend, it will be important for us as a team

krtaylor>30 also, consider what hardware you will need to make development progress - panda, etc, monitors, mice/kb

krtaylor>30 I am going to put in an early request for power strips/extension cords ;-)

krtaylor>30 ok

kan_hu> i'm not approved to attend the meeting

krtaylor>30 kan_hu, please try to get approval, it is important that you attend

krtaylor>30 so, next action was UMM blueprints - robclark did you and Ilias work that out?

robclark> yeah.. Jesse showed me the mechanics of how the blueprint stuff worked

robclark> and started updating stuff

krtaylor>30 sorry if you have sent email and I missed it, I am still digging out of the vacation stuffed inbox

krtaylor>30 but if not, please send/im/chat/email pointers to the ones that we will be contributing to

robclark> ok.. hang on

krtaylor>30 I want to include that in the PPR slides

robclark> ok.. I'll paste to you links to blueprints in a bit... just trying to navigate our system for booking flights atm

krtaylor>30 ok ;-)

krtaylor>30 for schedule at Linaro Connect, since we are coming out of a planning phase, I am think that we need more hacking/sprint activity than planning summit

krtaylor>30 there is summit activity planned for UMM and we will need to participate

krtaylor>30 we also have the NEON summit that ronynandy has been putting together

krtaylor>30 OpenMAX would be good to discuss, need to see about attendees

krtaylor>30 but in general, we will be focused on making progress on 11.08 deliverables

krtaylor>30 I would really like for us to take a team approach to our commitments, less individual focused

krtaylor>30 everyone pitch in on the next deliverable if it needs help, etc

krtaylor>30 does anyone have any summit-planning-type of activity they need to see at the Linaro COnnect?

ronynandy> example?

krtaylor>30 ronynandy, like speex discussions...

ronynandy> ok

krtaylor>30 priorities, work item breakdown

krtaylor>30 we will do some of that for all the line items to prepare for the 11.08

krtaylor>30 and 11.09 releases

krtaylor>30 ok, keep that in mind, I'll get schedule pulled together and forward a link

krtaylor>30 #topic Review team status

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krtaylor>30 so, overall the blueprints are looking really good

krtaylor>30 please work on finalizing the specs and near term release work items so we can get these bp's status in approved and started

Dr_Who> we'll need to fix up https://blueprints.launchpad.net/libjpeg-turbo/+spec/engr-multimedia-codec-jpeg yet FWIW

krtaylor>30 Dr_Who, yes

krtaylor>30 ok, so benjiG brief status and any issues?

benjiG> I write conclusions proposal for OpenMAx survey

benjiG> I hope we can close this task during Linaro Connect

krtaylor>30 +1!!!

benjiG> I look at CMA patches

benjiG> and ping felipec aboiut old gst-openmax patches not merged yet

benjiG> FYI I'm on vacation for the rest of the week

krtaylor>30 ok, benjiG ping me after the meeting

benjiG> ok

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krtaylor>30 I think you are set, but I'd like to go over the bp work items and actions before you go

benjiG> ok

krtaylor>30 also I am having a meeting this afternoon about openmax and mmwg involvement with khronos

krtaylor>30 we'll see how we can work more closely

krtaylor>30 ok, anything else?

benjiG> in 1h30 from now ?

benjiG> that is all for me :-)

krtaylor>30 benjiG, no 5h30 from now

krtaylor>30 ok, thanks

krtaylor>30 kan_hu, brief status and any issues?

kan_hu> yes, i'm trying to identify all formats for the test content

kan_hu> and update the spec

kan_hu> and I think i still need your help on the hosting place for the test contents

krtaylor>30 yes, and that is also being worked with zach and team

krtaylor>30 how do you expect the content will be used

krtaylor>30 ?

krtaylor>30 I was thinking they would go get a "package" of content and then use it locally

krtaylor>30 do you think we need to stream from the histing site?

krtaylor>30 hosting

kan_hu> i think mainly used as performance/conformance test

krtaylor>30 sure, but how

ronynandy> and probably for code coverage(?)

kan_hu> you mean like some tool will download the contents from some site?

krtaylor>30 I thnk the test wouldnt get the content for each test over and over, I would think it needs to be downloaded locally

krtaylor>30 I am trying to figure out the bandwidth for the hosting

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kan_hu> some of them maybe really big one

krtaylor>30 but we can discuss after, I will copy you on the email thread from zachs team

kan_hu> okay

krtaylor>30 anything else?

kan_hu> no

krtaylor>30 ok, ronynandy brief status and any issues?

ronynandy> worked on the blueprints

krtaylor>30 saw the neon list creation

ronynandy> need to broadcast the info..

krtaylor>30 are you listed as admin on that maillist?

ronynandy> yes..for the time being...

ronynandy> can transfer ownership if required

ronynandy> also did a rough draft of the summit presentation

Dr_Who> ronynandy: oo neon list? do tell!

ronynandy>21 linao-neon-opt is the name as was christened by krtaylor

ronynandy> :)

krtaylor>30 whew, no more mm! ;-)

krtaylor>30 noticed android bringup - how did that go?

ronynandy> couldnt make much progress...

ronynandy> some issues with syncing and manifest file etc

ronynandy> asac gave some hints..

krtaylor>30 ok, that would be good feedback for #linaro-android

ronynandy> did interact with them

krtaylor>30 we will need to be doing much more of that this cycle

krtaylor>30 when you get it working, it would be great to share how and help them fix the wiki page

krtaylor>30 I'll need to ping you later on the schedule for the NEON forum summit

krtaylor>30 ok, anything else?

ronynandy>21 krtaylor, i may keep it on low priority for some time as Dr_Who will be looking in jpeg

ronynandy> i was bringing up the board related to jpeg porting..

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ronynandy> so will focus on silk now and once i have built it mayb i will port it to android

krtaylor>30 ok

krtaylor>30 also good experience to share

krtaylor>30 yes, prob a good idea to get status from Dr_Who too

krtaylor>30 Dr_Who, you have been busy!

Dr_Who> so stepped up to take on libjpeg-turbo formally (as of yesterday) 1.1.1 is released, this is basically the past work updated for the 1.1.1 upstream

19mattwaddel (~mwaddel@c-98-202-116-201.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) has joined #linaro-meeting

Dr_Who> it's packaged up in the linaro-maintainers overlay now and I'll try and get it into the builds this week so it can be part of this weeks test on thursday

krtaylor>30 is this the 11.07 rc?

Dr_Who> basically

krtaylor>30 good, and next step is to see about AOSP?

Dr_Who> https://wiki.linaro.org/TomGall/LibJpegTurbo is more or less my scribble space at the moment for what is going on as well as some perf numbers I've gathered

Dr_Who> AOSP ?

Dr_Who takes an acronym cache miss

krtaylor>30 Android Open Source Project

Dr_Who> o right! yes

krtaylor>30 yes, I need to include that in our MMWG Glossary

Dr_Who> as well as upstreaming the patches ... just getting hooked into the upstream community more than I have been

krtaylor>30 https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/Glossary

krtaylor>30 oh it is already there ;-)

krtaylor>30 yes, benjiG tried a build right?

19JesseBarker (~jesse@fw-tnat.snv.arm.com) has joined #linaro-meeting

benjiG> yes but get onlt segfault at run time

Dr_Who> oo .. sounds like trouble .. ok I'll keep an eye out for that

krtaylor>30 benjiG, maybe you could forward that email to Dr_Who

krtaylor>30 ok, anything else Dr_Who ?

Dr_Who> nope that's the readers digest version

krtaylor>30 ok, robclark, what are you working on and any issues?

robclark>21 krtaylor, was just working on getting KMS driver stuff rebased to 3.0 kernel..

robclark> and after that I want to propose an updated version of patch for overlay support..

robclark> and then we have display end for proof of concept UMM

robclark> (so then start putting it together w/ sumits's stuff)

robclark> also did a bit of research about the UMM userspace facing API..

robclark> I confirmed that we can have a way to do ioctl()'s directly on the UMM buffer fd.. so no need to have a /dev/umm or anything like that..

krtaylor>30 good for spec update?

robclark> yeah, I updated a couple items in a couple specs to INPROGRESS or DONE..

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robclark> also retroactively put some task in for the review of jbarnes KMS/overlay patches that I did a couple weeks back

robclark> (before I understood the mechanics of the blueprint system)

krtaylor>30 for bp, but the spec documentation also?

robclark> oh, you mean the wiki page?

krtaylor>30 yes, with the ioctl vs /dev findings etc...

robclark> I started putting something on one of the wiki pages about API.. but prob needs to move to it's own page.. and definitely needs to be fleshed out

krtaylor>30 yes, I'd like to keep the user space UMM separate for now

krtaylor>30 ok, and forward bp links when you have a chance

krtaylor>30 anything else?

robclark> k

robclark> btw, seems hotel is booked already?

krtaylor>30 ouch

krtaylor>30 yes, and there isnt much around it as I understand it

robclark> hmm, that might be problematic..

ssvb> Dr_Who: https://wiki.linaro.org/TomGall/LibJpegTurbo pages is missing the information about libjpeg-turbo correctness validation, could you add something about that?

krtaylor>30 robclark, check with Arwen

Dr_Who> ssvb: sure, happy to

krtaylor>30 ok, out of time and need to make room for wei_feng_

robclark> ok

krtaylor>30 wei_feng_, brief status and any issues?

wei_feng_> I update the bps and work items

wei_feng_> create a wiki page https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/Specs/1111/AudioIntegration/UCMConfigurations/ReferencePlatforms

wei_feng_> I want to start with these four platforms

krtaylor>30 yes, great work

krtaylor>30 if you are able to get to Linaro Connect, I'd like to see if we can get all those platforms for hacking

wei_feng_> sure. some ASOC drivers seems complicated, and I maybe need help

krtaylor>30 we may be able to borrow one for validation of the UCM config

krtaylor>30 yes, the vendors will need to help with the available parameters

wei_feng_> yes

krtaylor>30 good! also, I'd like to pull the repository/installation work in sooner

krtaylor>30 so that we can make a contrib to ASoC sooner

wei_feng_> ok

krtaylor>30 other than that, the bp is looking really good

wei_feng_> thx

krtaylor>30 ok, anything else?

wei_feng_> that's all

krtaylor>30 everyone, please update your status in the wiki page

krtaylor>30 https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/Notes/2011-07-12

krtaylor>30 please resume any further discussions in #linaro-multimedia

krtaylor>30 thanks everyone!

krtaylor>30 #endmeeting

Thurs Meeting

krtaylor>30 hi all, let's see we need ronynandy, mkum, benjiG and ibiris are out on holiday

krtaylor>30 no bot today I guess, but I manually grab the log from scrollback

krtaylor>30 so lets start with audio, wei_feng did you see my comments in the scrollback

wei_feng> yes

wei_feng> I try to discuss in alas-soc

wei_feng> broonie think it's need to rewrite the ucm in alsa-lib

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wei_feng> not only relicense

krtaylor>30 yes, for 2 reasons

krtaylor>30 yes

wei_feng> you saw it

krtaylor>30 that would be something we'd have to work closely with tinyalsa dev or other Android developer, but it is something we should discuss for the upcoming releases

krtaylor>30 we could help, but android needs to see value and traction in UCM first

Dr_Who> doing a relicense can be complicated

krtaylor>30 that's where we are helping

krtaylor>30 Dr_Who, it can't really be relicensed - at least a seperation of UCM lib

krtaylor>30 it would need to be rewritten

Dr_Who> well never say can't .. as long as all of the authors are ok with you, licenses can be redone

Dr_Who> s/you/it/

krtaylor>30 true

krtaylor>30 it has been done and should be considered

Dr_Who> that' the complicated part especially if things are clear who authored what

krtaylor>30 so true

wei_feng> but the codes are tightly bond with alsa-ilb

krtaylor>30 yes, and android may not have alsa in all solutions

krtaylor>30 hence the problem, but the work to enable the dev boards is valid and a great start

wei_feng> tinyalsa don't have same parser either

krtaylor>30 no, and I am not sure the HAL for non-alsa solutions, we'd need to learn about that

krtaylor>30 but that can happen later

krtaylor>30 wei_feng, did you get your travel plans underway?

wei_feng> arwen told me the invitation letter will arrive in four days

krtaylor>30 if you are going to be at LC, we have an opportunity to meet up with some semi-loacl experts in ALSA and PA

wei_feng> sure

krtaylor>30 so you have not received the letter yet I take it?

wei_feng> I'll try my best to get VISA

wei_feng> Currently I don't have the letter

krtaylor>30 ok, and you have approval to travel, etc?

wei_feng> yes

wei_feng> the only problem is VISA

krtaylor>30 ok, please keep me posted - I would like to go ahead and schedule the PA and ASoC gurus to attend, it will be a great opportunity to deep dive and learn

wei_feng> sure

krtaylor>30 we will need to start cross-training some other team members anyway, so I think it's a good idea to ask them if they will attend

wei_feng> I think so

krtaylor>30 ok, good progress, feel free to discuss the install/repository questions to #alsa-soc

wei_feng> ok

krtaylor>30 we could also have a bringup with the configs on the dev boards you have identified - good hack session

krtaylor>30 ok, onward

krtaylor>30 tgall_foo, how is the wonderful world of libjpeg-turbo and Android?

Dr_Who> Zach and I had a discussion late last night about that. Following his instructions repo sync has been consistently failing for me

krtaylor>30 sorry, maybe Dr_Who

krtaylor>30 great

Dr_Who> however Zach is going to volunteer to get the initial compile / integration into the android build system going

Dr_Who> I've got to push my git repo up to g.l.o however .. that'll get done today

Dr_Who> there is an android integration bp that was put together just yesterday

krtaylor>30 g.l.o?

Dr_Who> also I'll mention in passing libjpeg-turbo is included in both the LEB and alip linaro images now

Dr_Who> g.l.o - git.linaro.org ...

krtaylor>30 ah, ok

krtaylor>30 good!

Dr_Who> so that's about it

krtaylor>30 btw, I talked to DRC yesterday and will be getting him a panda

krtaylor>30 he will need some hand-holding to get it running but then he will be able to test patches locally!

Dr_Who> np, I can volunteer to do that

krtaylor>30 oh, that is over and above the call of duty, but much appreciated, I'll see what I can do too

Dr_Who> well in the grand scheme it shouldn't be much more than pointing him at some already existing wiki pages :-)

krtaylor>30 excellent, so we can lean on Zach for the 11.07 release?

krtaylor>30 at least for the initial port/integration?

krtaylor>30 it would sure be better if we could all learn what needs to be done, and tips/tricks <sigh>

Dr_Who> I'll just say between him and I it'll be a team effort :-)

krtaylor>30 maybe at LC

Dr_Who> yeah agreed

krtaylor crosses his fingers

krtaylor>30 ok

krtaylor>30 robclark, how is mem mgmt work coming?

robclark> I'm up and running w/ 3.0 kernel now

robclark> so should be able to start making some progress now

krtaylor>30 excellent

robclark> still need to flesh out userspace API wiki page.. didn't have time to do that in last couple days.. hit a couple snags rebasing that took longer to debug

robclark> but hopefully should get to that before tues

krtaylor>30 good, that was my next question ;-)

krtaylor>30 btw, I talked to Arnd and he would like to get a status from you and Jesse - basically sync up on where it is, what needs to be done

robclark> ok

krtaylor>30 a breakout for user space might be useful at LC, maybe in addition to the mem mgmt summit time Jesse has?

robclark> sure

krtaylor>30 ok, I think Jesse has set up time for wed afternoon, so maybe we can use that

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robclark> doh

krtaylor>30 hehheh

krtaylor>30 repost: ok, I think Jesse has set up time for wed afternoon, so maybe we can use that

robclark> ok, sounds good

krtaylor>30 ok

krtaylor>30 kan_hu, test content - I guess you saw the discussion I have been having with Zach and team

kan_hu> yes

krtaylor>30 it looks like he scheduled a meeting tomorrow to discuss, but it is WAY too late or early for you I take it?

kan_hu> it's ok, since it is early morning saturday

krtaylor>30 wow, that is really nice of you

krtaylor>30 I try to sleep in on Saturday ;-)

krtaylor>30 try, never been successful at that...

krtaylor>30 anyway, it looks like his team is pushing hard on the content creation

kan_hu> yes, i saw their spec for this

kan_hu> they have a tool to convert contents to other format what should be support for android

krtaylor>30 I do not like duplicating work, so maybe we can provide the input for supported formats and hand that work off to them

krtaylor>30 that would free you up for other things ;-)

kan_hu> yes,

krtaylor>30 ok, so we'll talk about that Friday/Saturday then

kan_hu> but I think they only use the content for some smoke test on android

kan_hu> and we are focus on the performance/conformance?

krtaylor>30 so me may have some requirements that are different, longer play, edge cases, etc?

krtaylor>30 So, having all possible content and sizes will be too much, we'll need to focus on the main or most probable use

kan_hu> yes, we can share some contents, but maybe some special case will need for performance test in the codec optimization task

kan_hu> okay

krtaylor>30 development cases will require other more strenuous test content that may fall outside the repository

krtaylor>30 what do you think?

kan_hu> yes,

kan_hu> i think maybe only need store typical content in the repo

krtaylor>30 ok, we can discuss in the meeting on the requirements - we will be resource constrained on the number of GB we can store ;-)

kan_hu> btw, the meeting will hold in irc or phone?

krtaylor>30 I think it is mumble

krtaylor>30 do you have a headset?

kan_hu> okay

kan_hu> I see, i never use it before :)

krtaylor>30 we can try it after the meeting if you wish, if you have the client installed

kan_hu> maybe too late today

krtaylor>30 ok, try it tomorrow morning your time and see if you can speak to someone in the #linaro

kan_hu> i think it should not be difficult to use

kan_hu> okay

krtaylor>30 ok

krtaylor>30 so overall

krtaylor>30 everyone is attending LC except kan_hu and maybe wei_feng, right?

krtaylor>30 hehheh, those that are not here, please speak up

av500 refuses to attend

krtaylor>30 but I know Rony and Benjamin are

krtaylor>30 av500, refuses?

av500>21 krtaylor: I got not free tickets in my inbox :)

av500> what is LC btw?

kan_hu> linaro connect I think

krtaylor>30 Linaro Connect - https://wiki.linaro.org/Events/LinaroConnectQ3.11

av500> ah

krtaylor>30 I will be pounding on the schedule today, tomorrow and early next week to get that firm

krtaylor>30 ALL - please let me know if there is a specific breakout that you think is useful

krtaylor>30 I am setting some up, but most of the time will be spent in planning or hacking

krtaylor>30 Also, we had a great write-up in the executive minutes - I am tweaking that and it will be blogged soon

krtaylor>30 lots of good info about the team's accomplishments there

krtaylor>30 additionally, I am finishing up draft comments for the public plan review presentation and will share that soon

krtaylor>30 hopefully we can get that through the final approvals and present that to the world

krtaylor>30 maybe later next week

krtaylor>30 heck, it needs to happen before we start planning the next cycle ;-)

krtaylor>30 the PPR is a snapshot in time anyway

krtaylor>30 and finally

krtaylor>30 I will be going through the BPs in the next few days

krtaylor>30 I want to get them prioritized, finalized, approved ASAP

krtaylor>30 ALL - please spend some time making sure that all the information is filled out, some work items identified for the next releases and that the spec is in good shape

krtaylor>30 so, that's it for me, anyone have any other questions or topics?

krtaylor>30 as always, please stay in this channel if you can, we have already shown how that works well with the audio discussions, even across time zones

krtaylor>30 ok, well thats all for todays meeting then, thanks everyone for all that you are doing, good work!

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