Place: #linaro-meeting on irc.linaro.org or irc.freenode.net

  • Time: Tuesday at 1300 UTC


Standing Agenda

 * [TOPIC] Review Actions
 * [TOPIC] Review Team Status
 * [TOPIC] New Business


 * benjiG, robclark, Come up with a diagram for what the user space buffer sharing model would look like
 * robclark and benjiG to prioritize Mem Mgmt actions from summit
 * biris to setup spec wiki pages for blueprints and email links
 * krtaylor  to help identify the Khronos representatives
 * krtaylor to set up call with Jim and Thierry to define OpenMAX colaboration model
 * all member company reps from MMWG need to find their OMX IL code and share

Team Work - Status Summary

Benjamin Gaignard (benjiG)

  • UMM: Receive Jesse diagrams from Rob: need more time to understand how it fit with Android.
  • UMM: IRC meeting tomorrow
  • UMM: the priority seems to be on DMA/IOMMU staff and focused on X uses cases.
  • OMX: Get a list of patches for Android, not all relative to OMX, need to sort them.

Kan Hu (Kan)

  • Study Openmax IL spec for list all functions required in IL core and IL client.
  • Study Freescale graph manager for detailed implemented functions for IL core and IL client.

Kurt Taylor (krtaylor)

Mandeep Kumar (mkum)

  • Downloaded and compiled trunk version of libjpeg-turbo that has commits for ARM SIMD.
  • Merged perfomance patch for djpeg to above version of libjpeg-turbo.
  • Initial testing shows it to be faster than what has been developed by us in last cycle.

Rony Nandy (ronynandy)

  • Have gone through the data sheets of Skype SILK
  • Downloaded the latest SILK source code and reviewed the ARM port.NEON optimisation is not available in the code.The codec in super widebank mode loads 80 MHZ in x86 so looks promising from NEON optimisation perspective.
  • Have mailed SILK SKYPE contact regarding NEON optimisation and their plans for it.Awaiting reply.
  • Also going through speex docs.

Rob Clark (robclark)

Feng "Wayne" Wei (wayne or wei_feng))

  • Study ALSA UCM codes and get some questions:
    • What's the guideline for application to use the ucm interface
    • How to avoid conflict settings among differnet applications

Meeting Minutes


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