Place: #linaro-meeting on irc.linaro.org or irc.freenode.net

  • Time: Tuesday at 1300 UTC


Standing Agenda

 * [TOPIC] Review Actions
 * [TOPIC] Review Team Status
 * [TOPIC] New Business


 *  krtaylor to find better home for test content and share with MMWG for testing - Pending
 *  krtaylor will get specifics on PPA training and release build process and make sure the team is educated - Done, working through project management team and mentoring team. https://wiki.linaro.org/Resources

Team Work - Detailed Status Update

Benjamin Gaignard (benjiG)

  • on holiday last week
  • start looking at UMM topic
  • OMX calls

Kan Hu (Kan)

Kurt Taylor (krtaylor)

  • preparations for the MMWG summit
  • 1111 plan reviews

Mandeep Kumar (mkum)

Rony Nandy (ronynandy)

Feng "Wayne" Wei (wayne or wei_feng))

Rob Clark (robclark)

Meeting Minutes

Meeting started by krtaylor at 13:03

  • 13:03:49 Topic: Review Actions
  • 13:11:13 ACTION krtaylor krtaylor and Dr_Who to discuss repositories for test content and copyrighting at summit
  • 13:11:45 Topic: Review Team Status
  • 13:34:53 Topic: New Business
  • 13:39:42 ACTION krtaylor Discuss 11.06 release with team and Dr_Who - libjpeg-turbo browsers

Meeting ended at 13:41

People Present:

  1. ronynandy
  2. krtaylor
  3. Dr_Who
  4. benjiG
  5. mkum
  6. robclark_

Meeting Log

Meeting log

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