Place: #linaro-meeting on irc.linaro.org or irc.freenode.net

  • Time: Tuesday at 1300 UTC


Standing Agenda

[TOPIC] review actions from last meeting  [TOPIC] review team work  [TOPIC] AOB


*  gsachin ,Benjig to finalize on gstomx blueprints updation - Wim busy with gst0.11 release,need inputs from him on what are the possible improvements that Benjig can focus on
*  gsachin to check status of egl extension with graphic WG

Team Work - Summary

Team Work - Detailed

Benjamin Gaignard (benjiG)

  • start looking at eglsink code

Kan Hu (Kan)

Kurt Taylor (krtaylor)

  • Continued work on requirements and description of work for 11.11 cycle which was presented to the TSC
  • Continued working on defects coming out of need for UCM support in audio stack
  • Organizing and coordinating space allocation and agenda for Pulseaudio Development BoF at LAC
  • Preparing for ASoC Convention
  • Working on TR blueprints and work item blueprint definition for 11.11 cycle - https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/BlueprintsFor1111

Mandeep Kumar (mkum)

  • Worked on some issues with autoconf files of libjpeg-turbo-linaro
  • Worked more testing of libjpeg-turbo-linaro for ARM
  • Looked into how Mars' IDCT can be introduced in libjpeg-turbo-linaro

Rony Nandy (ronynandy)

1) Testing the Package by Tom Gall for Vp8( Currently VP8 package is available in Thomas's launchpad page as MM PPA is in the making.)

2) Preparing a presentation of Memory Management model impact on V4L2

Sudip Jain (sudipj)

Vishal Raj (vraj)

Feng Wei (wayne)

  • Propose patch to gstreamer bugzilla for gst-plugins-gl building problem on GLES2
  • Study materials for memory management in linaro and EGL extensions of khronos

Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened by gsachin at 13:06

  • <gsachin> [TOPIC] : actions from past

: actions from past

  • <gsachin> so there are 2 actions left over

    <jcastro> BP Link: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/sprints/uds-o/+addspec

    <gsachin> first is changin the gstreamer zero copy blueprint to reflect the stuff we are doing with gstreamer guys for buffer pool stuff

    <gsachin> so krtaylor : what do you say about this

    <gsachin> as from TSC meeting it seems we first need to identify whether omx implementatations can be unified or not

    <krtaylor> I have not been involved yet

    <jcastro> linaro-android-o

    <jcastro> linaro-kernel-o

    <jcastro> linaro-multimedia-o

    <zpfeffer> would you send the links?

    <jcastro> linaro-platforms-o

    <krtaylor> right the TSC agrees that the summary research work is essential

    <jcastro> linaro-toolchain-o

    <jcastro> linaro-power-management-o

    <gsachin> krtaylor should we move to some other irc channel

    <jcastro> linaro-other-o

    <krtaylor> gsachin, we need the meeting tools

    <jcastro> gsachin: oh I'm sorry, I thought you were in our meeting, I was told this channel was ok

    <krtaylor> jcastro, we have our weekly team meeting in irc now

    <jcastro> gsachin: ok we can move to #linaro

    <jcastro> sorry for the mixup!

    <gsachin> jcastro : thanks

    <gsachin> krtaylor : lets discuss this in a seperate meeting and conclude on that

    <krtaylor> agreed, there is much more to define here

    <gsachin> yes

    <krtaylor> need graphics involvement too

    <gsachin> similarly the other action about egl extensions

    <krtaylor> yes, related

    <gsachin> I think also here we need to see if we need to continue this next cycle

    <gsachin> ok

    <gsachin> moving on

    <gsachin> I will skip the status today and we take it up later if we have time

    <gsachin> [TOPIC] AOB


  • <krtaylor> #ACTION krtaylor to discuss cycle plans for zero copy and egl

    <gsachin> [TOPIC] : Multimedia working group meetings

: Multimedia working group meetings

  • <gsachin> so first of all is everybody fine with today's meeting time

    <gsachin> and day

    <benjiG> yes

    <ronynandy> yes

    <krtaylor> +1

    <kan_hu> yes

    <wei_feng> ok

    <gsachin> so benjig what time it would be 1 hr fron now for you

    <benjiG> 4 pm

    <gsachin> ok

    <gsachin> for Rony it would be 7:30 pm

    <ronynandy> ya..

    <gsachin> kan , Wayne what time it would be for you 1 hr from now

    <krtaylor> what is the top of the hour for wayne

    <kan_hu> 10 pm

    <gsachin> ah

    <wei_feng> yeah

    <krtaylor> ouch

    <gsachin> so krtaylor , mkum what time would it be for you 1 hr from now

    <krtaylor> 9:00 is the next hour for us

    <krtaylor> am

    <gsachin> ok

    <krtaylor> that will change in the fall to 8am

    <gsachin> what do you say krtaylor , mkum

    <mkum> it is fine with me

    <gsachin> from what I see the current time is best compromise

    <ronynandy> yes

    <kan_hu> yes

    <krtaylor> if it is ok with kan_hu and wei_feng to meet at 9pm, I am fine

    <kan_hu> 9pm is ok

    <wei_feng> I agree

    <krtaylor> would this time work on Thurs also for a tech call?

    <gsachin> [ACTION] : gsachin/kurt to send updated invitation for Tuesday,s MM sync call

: gsachin/kurt to send updated invitation for Tuesday,s MM sync call

  • <gsachin> now we come to thursdays call

    <gsachin> so we have one call at 9:00 UTC for sync between India,china and europe guys

    <krtaylor> does this time slot work also on Thurs?

    <benjiG> yes

    <ronynandy> yes

    <gsachin> so rony,kan,wayne,benjig is the sametime as on tuesday suitable for all

    <gsachin> to have call on thursday

    <krtaylor> that is asking alot for two late nights...

    <ronynandy> :)

    <kan_hu> yes

    <gsachin> we can then split it into 2 calls

    <krtaylor> Id rather not if at all possible

    <gsachin> 1 for china , 2nd for India,europe

    <gsachin> is that proposal fine

    <krtaylor> wei_feng, does this timeslot work for Thurs?

    <wei_feng> yes

    <kan_hu> /query wei_feng

    <kan_hu> fine

    <gsachin> ok

    <gsachin> then it is fine to everybody

    <krtaylor> wow, you all are great!

    <krtaylor> so, unified tech call on Thurs, starting this week?

    <krtaylor> at this same time

    <gsachin> so everybody agrees to it

    <gsachin> mkum : any issues

    <mkum> its fine

    <gsachin> ok

    <gsachin> [ACTION] : gsachin/kurt to send inviation for unified tech call on thursday same time as Tuesday i.e 2:00 UTC

: gsachin/kurt to send inviation for unified tech call on thursday same time as Tuesday i.e 2:00 UTC

  • <gsachin> so I think issue of meetings is sorted out

    <krtaylor> excellent

    <gsachin> thaks alot all for your cooperation

    <gsachin> moving on

    <gsachin> [TOPIC] : TSC meeting that happened on 20-Apr

: TSC meeting that happened on 20-Apr

: https://wiki.linaro.org/Cycles/1111/TechnicalTopics/Multimedia

  • <krtaylor> These fall into 4 main areas for the TR Blueprints

    <krtaylor> openmax, audio, codecs, neon forum

    <krtaylor> I sent out the list of work item blueprints as I see it today

    <krtaylor> https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/BlueprintsFor1111

    <krtaylor> So, we still need to create the TR and work item blueprints, I will be focused on that for the rest of the week

    <krtaylor> I am also preparing for 2 conferences that I have all next week, so any pre-uds blueprint discussion will need to happen before then

    <krtaylor> also - the multimedia track at uds has been postoned

    <krtaylor> we are talking about having it in TX June or maybe July - yet to be decided

    <krtaylor> was there anyone from this team that was actually planning on going to UDS?

    <krtaylor> I didnt think anyone was going to budapest - anyone?

    <benjiG> I should go

    <ronynandy> I was planning...but couldnt get visa

    <benjiG> if there is not MM talk at UDS I will cancel

    <gsachin> nobody else is going

    <krtaylor> I was thinking that if someone was going, they could act as a topic gatherer for the later summit we will have

    <gsachin> so only possibility is benjig as of now

    <krtaylor> ok, I'll ask if someone can act as a proxy for us, there will be multimedia topics that come up I am sure

    <gsachin> yes

    <krtaylor> benjiG, only if you were planning on going for other reasons, no pressure to be our proxy, of course it would be great if you could ;-)

    <benjiG> not it was only for MM

    <benjiG> krtaylor: I will come back to you after the meeting

    <krtaylor> ok, no problem, or I'll ask Paul or Jesse to take the mm items down

    <benjiG> ok

    <krtaylor> does anyone have any questions about the TSC presentation?

    <krtaylor> the priorities listed in the first link reflect the TSC feedback on the importance of each item

    <krtaylor> we still need to have sizing and people discussions

    <krtaylor> but since we won't be at uds, we have a little while to figure all that out

    <gsachin> ok

    <gsachin> krtaylor : anything else to share

    <krtaylor> so this Thurs we will have a call, then next week I will be off grid for the majority of every day, do we want to cancel those meetings?

    <krtaylor> or can someone else run them?

    <gsachin> krtaylor : I am always there to run those meetings

    <krtaylor> ok, gsachin, sorry I dint know your schedule

    <krtaylor> ok, if no questions then thats it for me

    <gsachin> ok moving on

    <gsachin> [TOPIC] : Updation of status of MM bp for this cycle

: Updation of status of MM bp for this cycle

  • <gsachin> so here we need to do some clean up

    <gsachin> so I need to work with Kurt on this and try to have blueprints in right status base on TSC feedback

    <gsachin> krtaylor : lets discuss this offline and conclude on this

    <krtaylor> sure, I am learning all about the blueprint process and what to create where...

    <gsachin> in the mean time can everybody update the status of their workitems so that we have the right picture

    <benjiG> krtaylor: good luck :-)

    <krtaylor> benjiG, I know, it is confusing!

    <gsachin> I agree with you guys

    <gsachin> ok so we donot have much time left for status reporting

    <krtaylor> any problems or roadblocks from anyone?

    <benjiG> no

    <gsachin> so please update status on the wiki page for status

    <gsachin> krtaylor : sudip has been trying to get panda up and running

    <gsachin> and he is facing some issues with that

    <krtaylor> yes, lots of issues to be had

    <gsachin> so I asked Kunal and Sudip to contact you

    <krtaylor> sure, np

    <gsachin> anybody else any issues

    <wei_feng> eglsink is blocked

    <gsachin> blocked for egl extensions stuff

    <wei_feng> until graphic and kernel WG have conclusion on MM

    <wei_feng> including egl extension

    <gsachin> yes I know about it

    <gsachin> I need to sort this out with Kurt

    <gsachin> in the meantime have you checked in the code at git.linaro.org

    <wei_feng> propose patch on gstreamer bugzilla for gst-plugins-gl building problem

    <wei_feng> for gles2

    <gsachin> ok

    <gsachin> so I recommend that you put your code in git.linaro.org

    <wei_feng> ok

    <gsachin> in the mean time I will sort this out with Kurt

    <gsachin> how we need to proceed with eglsink stuff

    <gsachin> so if there is nothing else I will close the meeting

    <gsachin> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 14:04

People Present

  • gsachin
  • jcastro
  • krtaylor
  • zpfeffer
  • benjiG
  • ronynandy
  • kan_hu
  • wei_feng
  • mkum

Actions Recorded

  • gsachin/kurt to send updated invitation for Tuesday,s MM sync call
  • gsachin/kurt to send inviation for unified tech call on thursday same time as Tuesday i.e 2:00 UTC

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