Place: #linaro-meeting on irc.linaro.org or irc.freenode.net

  • Time: Tuesday at 1300 UTC


Standing Agenda

[TOPIC] review actions from last meeting  [TOPIC] review team work  [TOPIC] Status reports   [TOPIC] AOB    


 *  gsachin ,Benjig to finalize on gstomx blueprints updation - Wim busy with gst0.11 release,need inputs from him on what are the possible improvements that Benjig can focus on  
*  gsaching to talk about copyright assignment with STE for libvpx vp8 decoder optimisations and get code from STE  
*  sudipj to discuss with asac on missing features in smartt  
*  gsachin to discuss uds attendance with Linaro MM WG engineers

Team Work - Summary

Team Work - Detailed

Benjamin Gaignard (benjiG)

* Review gst aac encoder code

Kan Hu (Kan)

* Check in aac encoder wrapper plugin on git://git.linaro.org/people/sariohu/aacenc.git * Clean code based on comments from Benjamin

Kurt Taylor (krtaylor)

  • Continued working on defect #733334
  • Continued working on low power states measurement for pulseaudio buffer size changes, gated by image network connectivity problems
  • Opened defects for above: #758293 #758297

Mandeep Kumar (mkum)

* Check-in basic libjpeg-turbo tree on git.linaro.org

* Started cleaning up and adding patches to libjpeg-turbo tree.

Rony Nandy (ronynandy)

Sudip Jain (sudipj)

Vishal Raj (vraj)

Feng Wei (wayne)

* Give the eglsink initial version

. Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened by benjiG at 13:03

  • <benjiG> no lot of actions to talk abouts

    <benjiG> all: do you have confirm you come (or not) to UDS ?

    <benjiG> don't forget to register yourself

    <benjiG> #[PROGRESS REPORT]

    <benjiG> [PROGRESS REPORT]

  • <benjiG> ok let start by kurt

    <krtaylor> mainly defects this week

    <krtaylor> trying to get more low power state done on a minimal image

    <krtaylor> defected network problems on developer

    <krtaylor> working on fixing initial audio experience in another defect

    <krtaylor> thats it for me

    <benjiG> do you want filled bug for all issue ?

    <krtaylor> yes all have been filed

    <benjiG> great

    <benjiG> thanks

    <benjiG> move to rony update

    <ronynandy> did some load profiling on the orion

    <benjiG> on which uses cases ?

    <ronynandy> also did some tesing of the uploaded code base

    <ronynandy> ok,usage of the dual core on the board.

    <benjiG> ok

    <ronynandy> will be uploading some test streams on the git this week

    <ronynandy> thats all from my side

    <benjiG> what type of streams ?

    <ronynandy> they r different tyeps of vp8 test streams so that they give good code coverage

    <ronynandy> of the code

    <benjiG> great

    <ronynandy> i have generated them

    <benjiG> ok

    <ronynandy> thats all

    <benjiG> do you have found issues with your test streams ?

    <ronynandy> all are error free streams...good enough for basic testing of the code

    <benjiG> ok

    <ronynandy> next level of tesing will require streams with some errors in them to see the error resilience of the decoder

    <ronynandy> but thats a task to be taken up in the cming weeks

    <benjiG> do you documented the content (profile, error, bitrate...) of each stream

    <benjiG> ?

    <benjiG> ronynandy: don't forget to complete the weekly status on wiki page :-)

    <ronynandy> no

    <ronynandy> ok sure will update that

    <benjiG> thanks

    <benjiG> move on to kan

    <kan_hu> push the initial code for the aac encoder wrapper to git.linaro.org

    <benjiG> yes I see that :-)

    <kan_hu> and then change the code based on your first round comment

    <benjiG> thanks

    <kan_hu> i'll inform you when it finished, then you can review again :-)

    <benjiG> sure

    <kan_hu> that's all

    <benjiG> ok thanks

    <benjiG> move on to wayne

    <benjiG> first welcome wayne

    <wayne> I send eglsink package to sachin

    <benjiG> sachin has send me you egl code

    <benjiG> I will send a review asap

    <wayne> It's a initial version

    <benjiG> can this egl package can be merge into gst-plugin-gl ?

    <wayne> In theory. But gst-plugin-gl should have some changes

    <benjiG> I think they already have an EGL compilation flags

    <benjiG> I ask this because some files look very similar

    <wayne> Yes. I startup with gst-plugin-gl

    <wayne> I can check the possiblity.

    <benjiG> ok

    <benjiG> yes please

    <wayne> The major problem is Direct Rendering

    <benjiG> because it is link to some specific egl extensions?

    <benjiG> I was not enable to build your code because gst-fsl-plugins is missing

    <wayne> Yes. I only support iMx53 platform now

    <benjiG> [ACTION] wayne to check if eglsink could be merge into gst-plugin-gl

wayne to check if eglsink could be merge into gst-plugin-gl

  • <wayne> ok

    <benjiG> could your remove this dependency ? or make the extension public ?

    <wayne> Currently no other platform support this

    <wayne> So if you want to build it, you must have the iMx53 board

    <benjiG> ok

    <benjiG> do this egl extension has been discuted in graphic WG ?

    <wayne> There's no public method to get the physical address of eglImage

    <wayne> I don't know. I'm not familiar with the graphic WG

    <benjiG> [ACTION] gsachin to check status of egl extension with graphic WG

gsachin to check status of egl extension with graphic WG

  • <benjiG> if it is specifc to one board it will be more difficult to merge into generic gst-plugin-*

    <wayne> I think so

    <wayne> But the standardization process is slow

    <benjiG> yes ...

    <wayne> Not only the egl extension, but GstBuffer meta

    <wayne> No Hardware info for GstBuffer now

    <benjiG> ok lets talk of that after the meeting

    <benjiG> ok ?

    <wayne> ok

    <benjiG> thanks

    <benjiG> do I forget somebody status ?

    <benjiG> no?

    <benjiG> somebody has something to add ?

    <krtaylor> I was wondering about 11.11 if noone has anything else

    <benjiG> what do you want to know ?

    <krtaylor> I was not able to find a cycle page for multimedia, do we have requirements?

    <benjiG> don't know ...

    <krtaylor> Yeah, I guess that is a question for sachin

    <benjiG> I suggest you send a mail to sachin (cc me if you want)

    <krtaylor> I'll send it to the multimedia list, if we haven't yet, we should really get those discussions going

    <benjiG> maybe we should have wiki to list MM blue print for next cycle ?

    <krtaylor> yes, that is what the cycle workgroup page is for, but I cant find one

    <benjiG> ok

    <krtaylor> that then breaks down into blueprints

    <krtaylor> ok, I'll move this to email then

    <benjiG> thanks

    <benjiG> or you can create the page yourself and send the link in a mail :-)

    <krtaylor> another good idea

    <benjiG> anything else to add ?

    <benjiG> wayne can you also update your weekly status ? https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/Notes/2011-04-12

    <wayne> ok

    <benjiG> thanks

    <benjiG> ok I close the meeting

    <benjiG> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 13:44

People Present

  • benjiG
  • krtaylor
  • ronynandy
  • kan_hu
  • wayne

Actions Recorded

  • wayne to check if eglsink could be merge into gst-plugin-gl
  • gsachin to check status of egl extension with graphic WG

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