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  • Topic: multimedia Internal call

  • When: 1200 UTC

  • Where: linaro public conf line

  • Attendees:



    IRC Nick


    Sachin Gupta

    sachin.gupta (at) linaro (dot) org


    Linaro Graphics/Multimedia Engineer (ST-Ericsson)

    Rajeev Kapoor

    rajeev.kapoor (at) linaro(dot) com


    multimedia (STE)

    Rony Nandy

    rony.nandy (at) linaro (dot) org


    multimedia (SAMSUNG)

    Vishal Raj

    Vishal.raj(at) linaro(dot) com


    multimedia (STE)

    Kan HU

    kan.hu (at) linaro.org (dot) org

    multimedia (Freescale)

    Li Jian

    li.jian (at) linaro (dot) org

    multimedia (freescale)

    kunal Goel

    kunal.goel(at)linaro (dot) org


    multimedia (STE)

    sudip Jain

    sudip.jain(at)linaro (dot) org


    multimedia (STE)


  • review actions from past meetings
  • topic updates
    • optimization codecs (rony)
    • optimization pulseaudio (mandeep)
    • consolidation gst-omx + kernel API (benjiG)
    • validation (vishal)
    • standardization camerabin (sachin)

Past Actions

  • Rony to ask Michael Hope about linaro toolchain support for parallelization. DONE - OpenCL is more suitable supports GCC 4.5.
  • Benjamin to check in which tree the gst-omax related kernel device code is in. Pending
  • Rob to put together a wiki page about gst-omax implementation requirements and link it from the spec. Pending
  • Rajeev to remind Rony and Sudip as they also need to attend the meeting.- DONE
  • Kan need to update work items in blue print.
  • Sachin to contact Kan for camera properties - Done and feedback received and will refine during wk02-11 sprint.


  • Everyone need to update Wiki page of blueprint and work items for the status. This is live page which needs updation atleast once a week. Any progress on work items need to be updated weekly. New work items identified need to be added.
  • Need to access the git from office secured network
  • Separate setups take lot of time
  • Linux DS5 installation requires help from engineer of ARM in sprint rally
  • Dependent on stable SMP platform which will come from landing team and its taking time
  • Assembly optimization can be done with DS5 installed system and SMP level optimization requires SMP based env.
  • To push and pull code into source forge GIT tree is not working from office secured environment.
  • Power management of multimedia componenets will requires further discussions.
  • Everyone need to send their agenda want to discuss during Sprint meeting next week in Dallas.
  • Jian
    • Stuck in design issues in GST-EGL sink. Need to have discussion with sachin to unblock it.
    • Need to carry IMX 51 board to Linaro sprint
  • Kan Hu
    • Has obtained profiling results of AAC encoder and started optimizations


  • Rony to give some slides about multimedia architecture being followed in samsung.
  • Sudip need to initiate discussion on tool kits can be used for graphical representation of system data.
  • Sachin to update wiki page for agenda for Wk02 sprint.
  • Jian to send mail on his agenda items for wk02-Linaro sprint.
  • Kan Hu to send mail on his agenda items for wk02-Linaro sprint.

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