• actions from past meeting
    • Rajeev to remind Rony and Sudip as they also need to attend the meeting.- DONE
    • Kan need to update work items in blue print. - DONE
    • Rony to ask Michael Hope about linaro toolchain support for parallelization.- DONE
    • Benjamin to check in which tree the gst-omax related kernel device code is in.
    • Rob to put together a wiki page about gst-omax implementation requirements and link it from the spec
    • Sachin to contact Kan for camera properties
  • topic updates
    • optimization codecs (rony, mandeep, kan)
    • optimization pulseaudio (kurt)
    • consolidation gstreamer (sachin, benjiG, jian)
    • validation (vishal, sudip)
    • standardization camerabin (sachin, kan)
  • dallas sprint
    • any questions, last minute problems?

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