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  • Topic: multimedia X-vendor call

  • When: 1200 UTC

  • Where: linaro public conf line

  • Attendees:



    IRC Nick


    Alexander Sack

    asac (at) linaro (dot) org


    Linaro Tech Lead

    Alexandros Frantzis

    alexandros.frantzis (at) linaro (dot) org


    Linaro Software Engineer

    Mandeep Kumar

    mandeep.kumar (at) linaro (dot) org


    Linaro Multimedia Specialist (TI)

    Benjamin Gaignard

    benjamin.gaignard (at) linaro (dot) org


    Linaro Multimedia Generalist (ST-Ericsson)

    Vishal Raj

    vishal.raj (at) linaro (dot) org


    Linaro User Platform Engineer (ST-Ericsson)

    Rony Nandy

    rony.nandy (at) linaro (dot) org


    Multimedia Specialist (Samsung)


Past Actions

  • sachin and rob to create a wishlist for camera properties exposed by the camera-bin API
  • Alexander to communicate to the TSC the need for camera-bin topic.
  • sachin to make the proposal about mem2mem + zerocopy coexist approach public on linaro-dev


  • wishlist for camera properties exposed by the camera-bin API
    • ACTION: asac to remind sachin and rob that they need to make a wishlist of camera-bin properties.
  • gst/Xv with zero-copy buffers
    • mem2mem and mem2display are currently implemented using memcpy
    • There is significant load when using the memcpy approach, both for gst and Xv.
    • The plan is to make gst-omax and XVideo accept zero copy buffers.
      • New gst buffer type (wrapping HW buffer) that can be released when not used (eg ref. counting)
      • Xv needs to know about this special buffer type and act accordingly.
      • Complication: cross-process ref. counting needed
  • Vishal can't make it to UDS, sachin will take over some sessions
  • Rony (Samsung)
    • Long time experience with multimedia
    • Audio codecs
    • General codec optimization
  • LDS
  • LDS blueprints and ownership
    • One session for general codec optimization tools and techniques.
    • One session for high priority codecs, more sessions as needed.
    • JPEG codecs: Mandeep, Rest: Kan Hu and Rony
    • PulseAudio: Mandeep and Sachin

    • Gst openmax: Sachin and Benjamin
  • Middleware team info


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