Key Points for wider discussion

  • If we are targeting last version Ubuntu based evaluation builds and some of the code we work on (and goes upstream) is going through a transition (like unity/nux have moved on to oneiric now) then we may be unable to provide meaningful releases for the components in question. The real issue we have in GWG is 3d acceleration driver support for oneiric - we don't have any at the moment (AFAIK)
    • This issue limits us when trying to provide consistent support for the features provided by the libraries/components we provide
    • How can we improve on the vendor support to get 3d acceleration working?

Team Highlights

  • For 11.08 here is a list of the blueprints or other work completed and components integrated


Blueprint or Milestone page link


Misc blueprint work: GLEW release for August, spandex release (1.1.4), verification of Mali r2p2-03rel working on linux-linaro-3.0


Unity-GLES: release of only compiz (NO unity/nux this time)


Unity/Nux were not released - none of the new changes in upstream works with natty anymore (trying to move on to Oneiric at the moment). A natty compatible version is not possible (without massive backporting of desktop code), not even possible to do testing of the release on ARM HW - no driver support for 3D acceleration for Oneiric as yet. Only way to test on Oneiric is on the desktop, hence a release for unity/nux was completely pointless)



Added xrender based compositing test



Ported to Android (see, benchmark based on pulsar X11 GL screensaver, as well as for 2D image processing using the GPU, and other improvements

  • For *memory management: milestone page is The work included dma mapping API patches, buffer sharing object RFC and patches, work done for KMS support and Large Physical Allocation. It is possible that until this work gets upstream a public kernel tree to be set up with the UMM patches applied so that others can get a "hands-on" update on what is there in term of patches for the memory management. This will be started during 11.09

  • For 11.09 the planning is ongoing during this week. All the mentioned components above will have blueprints and milestone pages for 11.09 (even GLEW). Hopefully the situation with unity/nux will improve as well (perhaps we will be able to release packages for an oneiric Linaro development build.

Risks / Issues

  • Work on unity and nux depends on 3d acceleration being available from the platforms we use to test. Unless the drivers are there for oneiric dev build unity/nux will not make it either on 11.09. Natty is explicitly not possible for the reasons mentioned above (see the table from 11.08 release items, related to unity








Unity and nux not making it to the Linaro builds

Need an oneiric dev build with the 3d acceleration drivers working for the Linaro platforms supported (at least for panda)



  • Vacations/holidays.
    • Alexandros : 15.08.2011 (national holiday), and then 24.08.2011-04.09.2011
    • Marc : 29.08.2011 - 31.08.2011
    • Sumit: 15.08.2011 - 22.08.2011 (back on the 23rd)
  • Next week we will hold a retrospective over 1108. Any feedback for the GWG work can be sent directly to Ilias Biris <>

  • Linaro Connect Q4.2011: preparations for the participants to be there should be ongoing.

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