Key Points for wider discussion

  • Team should be doing more self-promotion (hey look at this cool stuff we're doing!).

Team Highlights

  • cairo-gles: Patchset "EGL fixes" accepted in cairo master (last commit: 00ffb09)
  • cairo-gles: Very compelling proposal for dealing with desktop OpenGL functionality not in OpenGL ES.
  • kwin: Performance enhancement patch accepted in
  • kwin: 5 patches out for review by upstream \o/!!!
  • compiz: remainder of legacy matrix related vertex processing done (all work now in vertex shaders with no built-ins).
  • DRI/Mali: git repo in progress, bug fixes to build configuration for UMP and device driver.
  • UDS-O: All but one team member confirmed attending and on internal wiki.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • 11.02 milestone (2011-02-24).

Risks / Issues

  • Freescale has not committed to sending all of their assignees to UDS.


  • Shariq on leave from 2011-02-21 through 2011-02-28.
  • Chunsang now able to access
  • Work has begun on a legacy OpenGL to modern core OpenGL and ES porting guide.
    • Initial draft on the wiki, currently only in limited review.
    • Will contain links to porting "gems" based upon lessons learned through project work (e.g. Handling GL_CLAMP_TO_BORDER)

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