Key Points for wider discussion

  • Nil

Team Highlights

  • Patchset "gl: Replace built-in shader variables with custom variables" sent upstream for review:

  • Few of the team members able to access from work place but not confirmed for everyone.
  • Added desktop GL support to glcompbench benchmark, in order to promote adoption and increase contributions and feedback.
  • Qtwebkit investigation shows that trace captures for websites (without <canvas>) can be performed without pixmap tracing.

  • Refactored most core Compiz plugins to make them GLES2 ready.
  • First experiments adding Mali(ARM's GPU) and UMP driver to Linaro kernel are ongoing. Bugs have been discovered and are being worked on.
  • Unified Memory Management position

Upcoming Deliverables

  • 11.02 milestone (2011-02-24)

Risks / Issues

  • Samsung guys don't have IRC access from work.
    • Bangalore IT working on "clean room" solution to allow access. - NO update.
  • UMP driver validation is planned for Q3/2011 (ARM/Samsung).


  • IRC issues fixed for Sausung (Chunsang Jeong) and is able to access it.
  • Informed team to fill status report before meeting atleast 2 hours before.
  • Vacations/holidays.
    • Jesse is on Vacation from Feb 3rd - 10th and Alexandros will run the team meetings during his absence.
    • Jammy Zhou is on leave Jan 31 ~ Feb 9 for Chinese Spring Festival.

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