Key Points for wider discussion

  • How to address contention over tuning vertex processing for platforms with poor performance? Performing vertex processing in the vertex shader is the right answer for OpenGL ES, but some application profile/platform combinations show degradation.
  • Bringing everyone together on unified memory discussion. Have DRM upstream actively involved in discussion (\o/).

Team Highlights

  • Patchset "gl: Remove fixed-function support" accepted in cairo master 7f153196.
  • Patchset "gl: Replace built-in shader variables" sent upstream as an alternative to another proposed patch.
    • Ongoing discussion upstream as our patch does its math in the shader and the other patch uses the CPU for vertex processing.
  • glmark2 11.01 landed in natty universe.
  • Work in progress on leveraging Qt trace functionality.
  • Unified Memory Management position

Upcoming Deliverables

  • 11.02 milestone (2011-02-24)

Risks / Issues

  • Samsung guys don't have IRC access from work.
    • Bangalore IT working on "clean room" solution to allow access.


  • Vacations/holidays.
    • Jesse is on Vacation from Feb 3rd - 10th and Alexandros will run the team meetings during his absence.
    • Chunsang Jeong is on leave from Jan 31 to Feb 4 for national holidays, new year of lunar month.
    • Jammy Zhou is on leave Jan 31 ~ Feb 9 for Chinese Spring Festival.

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