Covered background of what and who is khronos along with how they maintain the standards.

Goals of the session, what should the arm community be doing within Mesa, WebGL, OpenVG, Renderscript etc?

Overview of recent events in OpenGL OpenGL ES & Mesa communities. OpenGL ES 3 standard finalized in Aug of 2012. Mesa project started a Mesa 3 branch, primarily authored by Intel.

There are a number of OpenGL ES drivers.

  • Software only, swrast, swpipe, llvmpipe
  • open gallium (Intel HD4000, 3000, haswell, valley view, radeon, nvidea)
  • arm open drivers in progress lima, Freedreno

For GLES3, Mali 604 and PowerVR G61000 both submitted at the same time as Mesa 9.1 (via intel)

GLES 2 vs GLES 3, 143 new pages to the spec (almost double)

  • all features must be there to be compliant.

Waffle/Piglit review

  • test suite for validation of Mesa. However should be able to test other binary drivers quite easily
  • ~6000 tests all total across OpenGL OpenGL ES and OpenCL
  • test range in quality, some quite well done, exercise all corner cases, others not so good.
  • getting integrated into lava

WebGL? Often implemented on top of GLES.

piglit/waffle seems like correct level of coordination between binary drivers, users of drivers (but care that they work) and open developers of Mesa

OpenGL ES 3 should at least work and investing of effort to make sure it's at least working is a good idea.

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