GWG Notes for Linaro Connect Asia 2013

GWG Attendees

Technical Goals

  • CDF bring up on arndale
  • Bringup and Initial llvmpipe profiling
  • debugfs support for dma-buf


Common Display Framework

  • Goals: Give status report of the project, gather any feedback, especially on panels.
  • Video

  • Session Notes

  • Outcomes
    • v3 out for review soon.
    • Further prototyping on member hardware, yet limitations of reference board hardware
    • call for panels that should be part of prototyping activity
  • New Blueprints
    • CDF v3 prototypes across member hardware on nominated panels - link TBD

Exploiting ARM GPU resources in Open Source Software

Optimizing Mesa for ARM using LLVMpipe & NEON

  • Goals: Review options
  • Video

  • Session Notes

  • Outcomes
    • Toolchain team see potential in driving the llvm backend. Boundaries defined between GWG & Toolchain team.

    • Of options llvmpipe seemed most appealing.
    • Time to market is a valid concern, open alternative until optimized binary available worthwhile.
    • Mention on Phoronix

  • New Blueprints

OpenGL ES 3.0

Other Blueprints

Accomplishments vs Goals

  • CDF bring up on arndale
    • HDMI out on arndale was broken for the course of the week, Vikas, Ragesh, Sumit and Tushar spent some time to get this moving along as lack of HDMI is a major blocker for us.
  • Bringup and Initial llvmpipe profiling
    • full software GL with llvmpipe was installed over the accelerated mali drivers. validated running with piglit
    • llvmpipe is used for OpenGL only. OpenGL ES is using swpipe. Simple performance comparison (Same code) llvmpipe ~40% faster than swpipe.
  • debugfs support for dma-buf
    • Sumit managed to get the patches updated as per last review comments, but couldn't test because of the arndale hdmi output issue.
  • gstreamer/xvideosink & look into getting more drivers dma-buf enabled

    • Pending report from Benjamin

Accomplishments by Individual

  • Vikas
    • Helped out getting Arndale kernel up to support CDF efforts
    • reworked patches for FIMD DT support
    • reworked patches for DRM exynos FIMD
    • attended LAVA training sessions
  • Ragesh
    • attended Power Management sessions
  • Tom
    • Restoring corrupted file system on Chromebook, and loaded up piglit/waffle for demo day
    • tracked down a waffle bug
    • llvmpipe / swpipe gles2 on chromebook, initial performance look
    • knocked off two glean work items. (Community goal to remove glean from piglit)
  • Sumit
    • debugfs patches updated as per last review comments, but couldn't test because of the arndale hdmi output issue.
    • initiated co-ordination on Android+KMS with Google Android engineers and John Stultz. This will hopefully help us communicate better with Google android engineers for future topics.


  • As a group on Thursday we took our hacking session time on the road spending it for team building. We went on an adventure downtown, getting to know each other better along the way. As a group we visited several markets in search of various interesting electronics. Both Tom and Sumit did not come back empty handed. It was a good time bonding and we capped off the very long walk with a evening dinner at Palki.

Team Observations

  • Excited to see the interest in CDF.
  • Karim's Android training sessions were quite good. For those that don't work with Android every day these were quite welcome.
  • Desire to keep projects in launchpad & blueprints over jira

  • Thought sessions should perhaps be better delineated between presentations and interactive design sessions.

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