Action Items

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • need CDFv3 eng card + blueprint cards for each of the member companies will prototype on
  • need CDFv3 blueprint card for prototyping based on KMS
    • vikas to create the cdf on kms prototype card - DONE
  • Work item for using intrinsics + libjpeg-turbo
  • add a card to support mesa gles2 on android for bringup + test purposes
  • Due in a couple weeks : list of interesting wiki pages. Ideally will be collected by subject matter for use either on main GWG wiki page or akin
    • Ragesh & Sumit to create an aarch64 gfx stack wiki page

    • Tom to review main gfx working group page
  • For those that have a blog or start a blog, please send tgall a link.



Good shape

Needs Work

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