• Action items from last meeting.
  • 2012.04 blueprints (WIP).
  • Connect (can it be time already?)
  • AOB
    • linaro-mm-sig spam
    • cairo 1.12 released (includes GLES2 support)

Action Items

  • Jesse: Sync with MMWG (when Tom gets back from holiday) on dma_buf topics for Connect
  • Jesse: File IS ticket to set up filter for linaro-mm-sig spam

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Release Components!!


  • Will Ubuntu include cairo-gles (1.12)
    • probably not, it's too late in the cycle for such a big change
  • Connect sessions:
    • glproxy directions: as glproxy matures, we want to collect additional requirements beyond the original ones we set.
    • Invite Luc to come talk about Limadriver project.
    • Marcus: Graphics / Wayland / Yocto discussion, and how we can leverage that for running benchmarks and testing dma_buf etc
    • Alexandros: e.g. we can also add a glmark2 wayland backend etc to start playing with it
    • marcoil: Also, writing glcompbench as a wayland compositor
    • Marcus: Will MM WG bring up the dma_buf mmap/cache stuff for sessions?
      • Jesse: will check.

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • Unity
    • Released compiz* components for 2012.03.
    • Resynced linaro branches with ubuntu upstream.
  • glmark2
    • Released 2012.03.
  • Dashboard
    • Made result graphs interactive. Detailed data is dynamically updated when selecting a test run (point in graph).
    • Display package difference information when selecting a test run.

Plans for week ahead
  • 2012.04 blueprints.
  • Create a list of unity/compiz gles2 problems and start working on them.

Road blocks / Risks
  • Still unclear about whether the current dashboard is suitable for release, based on the data privacy policy.

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

  • Display GPU perf Events through LAVA
    • Investigating DS-5 streamline, especially Mali profiling.
    • Adding an option to enable/disable print out periodical performance.
  • Etc
    • Updating Mali driver from r2p3-01rel to r2p4-02rel which was released in Mar. 2nd at

Plans for week ahead
  • Display GPU perf Events through LAVA
    • Finish testing at Android with print option.
    • Push basic source to
  • Etc
    • Build and verify r2p4-02 Mali user libs on Origen Android, and release user libs and kernel driver.

Road blocks / Risks

Sumit Semwal (sumits)

  • dma-buf
    • sent Pull request for 3.4-rc1.
    • reviewed relevant patches, in DRI and V4L2 community.

  • Misc
    • participated in Kiko's call with V4L2 guys

      • Agreed on what should be the plan forward to get dma-buf support in v4l2 for 3.5 (3.4 not possible per Mauro).

Plans for week ahead
  • dma-buf
    • start working on the next blueprints.

Road blocks / Risks

Marc Ordinas i Llopis (marcoil)

  • glproxy
    • Released 2012.03 with new detection API.
    • Started blueprint on detection on external process.

Plans for week ahead
  • glproxy: Look into cairo-gl/gles usage possibility.

Road blocks / Risks

Marcus Lorentzon (marlor)

  • Started implement gbm & egl backends to test KMS/dma_buf/Mali buffer sharing using Wayland

  • Integrated KMS driver into STE Android (to enable others to chip in on the driver development so I can focus on dma_buf stuff)

Plans for week ahead
  • Option 1) Test dma_buf mmap patches from Rob
  • Option 2) Benchmark mmap prepare/finish vs. mmu faulting to verify the need for prepare/finish ioctls in dma_buf

Road blocks / Risks

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