• Where's Ilias?
  • Next week.
  • Action items from last meeting.
  • AOB

Action Items

  • To be added.

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • ACTION: Alexandros to check out mumble public servers - CARRYOVER
    • NOT DONE, low priority we are ok with hangouts for now
  • ACTION: Alexandros will check the new glproxy patches and give a verdict on the integration to glcompbench
    • DONE
  • ACTION: Jesse also wants to discuss with Loic/Kiko on any memory management roadmap cards needed, also on the dmabuf export_symbol decision (licensing related) - Sumit had some specific questions on that


  • To be added.

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • Unity
    • Synced linaro-gles2 compiz branches with ubuntu upstream branches.
    • Resolved merge conflicts and tested on the desktop.
  • glcompbench
    • Reviewed and merged Marc's glproxy update branch.
  • Dashboard
    • Set up a clean local dev instance, and started experimenting with new features.
  • Populated blueprints for this cycle.

Plans for week ahead
  • Figure out what to do with the oneiric/precise issues (see Risks).
  • Refactor Dashboard views to make them more extensible (split to different modules etc).

Road blocks / Risks
  • Some parts of the Unity3d stack (unity, nux) can't be built on oneiric anymore (at least not without changes, building new package versions etc). They depend on new versions of packages in precise.
  • We don't have accelerated 3D X11 support for ARM on precise, so we can't test there :S

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

  • Display GPU perf Events through LAVA
    • Investigated the source for generating perf data into kernel
    • Started adding code into Mali driver to get needed profiling data for displaying
    • Planning to add code for checking the size of allocated memory in the kernel driver

Plans for week ahead
  • Display GPU perf Events through LAVA
    • Finish adding code to get profiling data for displaying

Road blocks / Risks

Sumit Semwal (sumits)

  • started going through the new blueprints, and studying the concepts.

Plans for week ahead
  • continue with understanding blueprints.
  • work with Jesse to define priority.

Road blocks / Risks

Marc Ordinas i Llopis (marcoil)

  • WebKit-EGL: Set up environment, started working with current patch.

  • Unity3D: Tested latest compiz on pandaboard.

Plans for week ahead
  • glproxy: Draft backend discovery and selection API.

Road blocks / Risks

Marcus Lorentzon (marlor)


Plans for week ahead

Road blocks / Risks

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