• Action items from last meeting.
  • 2012.02 postmortem
  • 2012.03 (and 2012.04) topics, including Unity distro patch support

Action Items

  • ACTION: Alexandros will check the new glproxy patches and give a verdict on the integration to glcompbench
  • ACTION: Jesse also wants to discuss with Loic/Kiko on any memory management roadmap cards needed, also on the dmabuf export_symbol decision (licensing related) - Sumit had some specific questions on that

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • ACTION: Meeting transition from conference line to hangouts... DONE.
  • ACTION: Alexandros to check out mumble public servers - TODO


  • Action items from last meeting
  • 2012.02 postmortem
    • Overall summary - everything went out on time (or even early!)
    • Only issue that appeared was not GFX bug (or even ARM related) but related to an x86 archive
    • glmark2: there are patches that are coming from ChromeOS in Google - looking into using a simpler backend for EGL than X. The patches add a canvas to support their environment (probably originating in x86 work on the ChromeOS side, but should not be architecture-bound)
  • 2012.03 (and 2012.04) topics, including Unity distro patch support
    • Unity: the Canonical DX team expects us to generate a distro patch to be handed over to ogra and they apply to their tree.
      • Must be done at package creation time, so it does not make sense for us to provide the patch, Alexandros has proposed a different approach for the packager to follow. Getting the upstream tree merged to our code causes a storm of API changes - not a trivial task to resolve fast - Will be raised at the call with DX team today.
      • Compiz core: will branch off for the Precise into a stable branch - where will our changes land: in compiz stable branch or trunk? Expectation is trunk, from where there will be cherrypicking of changes towards the stable branch
    • glproxy - glcompbench: Marc is keeping track of any changes in order to get glproxy support in glcompbench - not completely tested on all available platforms. glcompbench is available on the PPA, we can enable glproxy as soon as Alexandros gives the green light. ACTION: Alexandros will check the new patches and give a verdict on the integration.
    • glmark2:
    • dmabuf - Jesse has created blueprints based on the discussions at Connect. Blueprint priorities and details will be improved, and the updated blueprints will be also linked against which provides a narrative over the status of the UMM progress overall

      • ACTION: Jesse to discuss with Loic/Kiko on roadmap cards needed, also on the export_symbol decision (licensing related) - Sumit had some specific questions on that
      • Expected to see involvement and work coming in from other participants in the community
    • dma-mapping API: expecting a couple of further changes to come still
    • CMA: Jesse has been discussing with Arnd and Marek to clarify how to move forward with acceptance and upstream merging of Marek's patches
    • Prototyping around perf events (Mali): currently stuck in not getting much data across the GPUs (information is different between GPUs as well as the way to get the information is different for different GPUs), trying to solve this in a good way. Requires some driver specific modifications to generate the data correctly, Chunsang will pilot this. Blueprint needed (Chunsang will look into this).
  • AOB
    • Dashboard
      • two pieces of work: (a) dashboard itself and (b) hooking the data to it (high level view of the benchmarks). Solved all the infra issues, can continue working in the private instance (demo setup created by Alexandros).
      • have a fair amount of data to use but ...
      • ... the requirement to make the view available under permission is proving challenging, seems we would be spending much time trying to make the dashboard view private

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • glmark2
    • Added demo functionality.
    • Released 2012.02.
  • glcompbench
    • Released 2012.02.
  • Graphics dashboard
    • Set up private instance again, as previous instance was deleted by a cloud infrastructure update.
    • Sent out an RFC to interested parties.
  • Unity
    • Released compiz-core and compiz-plugins-main 2012.02.
    • Discussed with Frederic and Jay about how to handle the API patch.
    • In contact with DX/Distro teams, discussing how to handle the API patch and the distro patch.
    • Started extracting compiz programmable GL API to separate branch.

Plans for week ahead
  • Help with unity distro patch, if needed.
  • Prioritize work for this cycle.
  • Continue extracting compiz programmable GL API to separate branch, get feedback.

Road blocks / Risks
  • Unity work is time-consuming, progress on other tasks has slowed down.
  • Figure out what Sam is doing with the compiz merge.

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

  • Display GPU perf Events through LAVA
    • Trying to get practical profiling data from GPU
      • For getting more data from GPU, it became platform specified and for making it general, it doesn't have much data across GPUs.
  • GPU power management
    • Summarized the discussion from Connect and ELC for GPU power management.
      • Mali team will try to use devfreq for future power management, but it just uses utilization.
        • devfreq isn't sufficient for GPU power management, otherwise it hard find common across GPUs for power management.
  • ETC
    • Android Origen HDMI memory sharing enablement with Mali for SISA(Samsung Austin)
      • Under Discussion with Samsung landing team and Android Platform team for quick and practical solution w/ or wo/ dma_buf for Android.

Plans for week ahead
  • Display GPU perf Events through LAVA
    • User space approach for common profiling data across GPUs.

Road blocks / Risks

Sumit Semwal (sumits)

  • Rebased Tomasz' patches, so we now have v4l2-dmabuf branch for the RFC patches. I will keep creating new merged branches based on rework.

Plans for week ahead
  • start working on understanding and discussing the new dma-buf blueprints.

Road blocks / Risks

Marc Ordinas i Llopis (marcoil)

  • glproxy:
    • Added new initialization API.
    • Packaged for 12.02 release.
  • webkit-egl: Started working on updating the existing patch.

Plans for week ahead
  • Keep on working on webkit-egl.
  • Help on Unity3D if needed.

Road blocks / Risks

Marcus Lorentzon (marlor)


Attended the ELC consolidation meetings

Plans for week ahead

Continue KMS/dma_buf work

Road blocks / Risks

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