• Action items from last meeting.
  • Blueprint status - 11.12



Action Items

  • [ACTION] Travis to create the unity/compiz blueprints for 11.12
  • [ACTION] Jesse to clear any leftover engr-* blueprints for UMM

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • [ACTION] Everyone to garden their "bucket" backlogs from this series. There are some work items that have already been moved into feature blueprints that can be removed from the old "buckets" (especially those that have already been implemented ;-). Any that remain should have feature blueprints created (also to be targeted at the backlog). There are no series-specific backlogs anymore.
    • Largely DONE - new actions for Travis and Jesse only to finish off some remaining blueprints
  • [ACTION]: Ilias to make the switch of the active series after the 11.11 release - so that the trunk becomes the active series - and make sure that all related configuration scripts are updated with the switch.
    • DONE



  • Status of Action items
    • Backlog clearing
      • For unity - need to rebase the code we have based on the interaction with the DX side. The blueprints would then be probably thin, covering the reintegration of new versions. Sam, Jason are the contacts for compiz and unity.
        • #ACTION: Travis to create the blueprints for 11.12
      • Nux should not be an issue all the gles code is already in place.
    • glproxy/glcompbench: all of the blueprints are now in proper order either for 11.12 or the backlog. Enablement of glproxy in glcompbench will be pushed in the backlog. glproxy/glcompbench 11.12 release will be done by Marc
    • old backlog of glcompbench for the implementation of new scenarios based on the compiz work from Travis - Jesse created 3 new blueprints in the backlog
    • glmark2, dashboard and testing projects - already in good shape, with blueprints already in the 11.12 milestone or backlog
      • There are some issues with the LAVA jobs - running but not results. Alexandros is following this up
    • memory management topics: probably there is still some blueprint clearing to be done there, will be doing some new blueprints based on the comments and review ongoing, there could be some clearing needed also for CMA / dma-mapping api. For UMM the releases will be based on the current code existing for CMA. For dma-buf in 11.12 there will be a new version based on comments on the list, v4l2 as a user will be there, v4l2 as exporter will be in for 12.01. Also there is a dma-buf testing related blueprint.
      • #ACTION: Jesse to clear any leftover engr-* blueprints
    • Power management : there is an initial investigation blueprint to look at this area.

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • LAVA tests
  • LAVA dashboard
    • Uploaded first version of dashboard to lp:linaro-graphics-dashboard .
    • Waiting for validation team to set up staging/devel lava-server instance, so I can publish the extension there for review.
    • Lack of test results (see LAVA tests, above) for testing is a problem, although not a blocker.
    • Using test results from manual glmark2 runs as sample data (but only have 3 runs).
  • glmark2
    • Implemented test for performing bilinear shading in the fragment shader.
  • apitrace

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

  • DMA-mapping API
    • No activity
  • Display GPU perf Events through LAVA
    • Installed LAVA "out-of-tree" environment.
    • Studying LAVA script with samples.
  • GPU Power Management
    • Studied Mali(GPU) suspend/resume events handling.
    • Analyzing cpufreq in the kernel to get hints for GPU power management.
  • ETC
    • Helping Samsung landing team by building Android on Origen with Mali libs.
      • Implemented Linaro Android on Origen with Mali & UMP drivers.

      • Sent the libs and implementation document to Android Platform team and Samsung landing team.

Travis Watkins (Amaranth)

  • compiz
    • refactored drawing system to use NV_post_sub_buffer and with help from Frederic Plourde got it working correclty
    • made glPaintCompositedOutput work on GLES and GL, allows plugins to scribble on the FBO compiz is going to draw to the screen
    • started work on some plugin clean up to optimize drawing and correctly save/restore state rather than making assumptions about it
  • unity
    • working on porting to use compiz FBO system and glPaintCompositedOutput
      • first frame paints correctly and is visible in the blur region in the Unity dash, otherwise only the unity interface draws currently
    • Frederic Plourde had the UnityFBO system and compiz FBO system almost working together correctly but was still getting issues so decided to try to combine the two rather than have them fight each other

Sumit Semwal (sumits)

  • was out of office for 2 days, and out sick 1 day :(

  • dma-buf review comments received.
    • consolidated review comments, will work on getting v2 upstream out by this week.
  • v4l2 as a dmabuf 'supporter'
    • will then update v4l2 dmabuf patches to incorporate changes due to review comments on dma-buf.

Marc Ordinas i Llopis (marcoil)

  • glproxy
    • EGL virtualization.
    • Dealing with unnecessary EGL initialization.

Marcus Lorentzon (marlor)

  • kms & dma-buf

    • collected patches for KMS and setup a cross compile env with libdrm, and some tests and tools.
    • will start testing the dummy KMS patches
    • might move from linux-next to igloo kernel since there's still a lot core stuff missing for Snowball on next (like the clk frmwrk)
  • I will move to a new apartment, so I'll be OoO parts of Thursday and all of Friday

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