• Action items from last meeting.
  • Blueprint status. Check the backlog leftover items:, see your area(s). Some blueprints have work items, but are not approved in either direction or definition, so your input is needed as to what to do with them: save the work items (all or in part) as a blueprint in a monthly milestone or backlog, or obsolete the blueprints as non-relevant in the current context?



Action Items

  • [ACTION] Everyone to garden their "bucket" backlogs from this series. There are some work items that have already been moved into feature blueprints that can be removed from the old "buckets" (especially those that have already been implemented ;-). Any that remain should have feature blueprints created (also to be targeted at the backlog). There are no series-specific backlogs anymore.
    • Low hanging fruit with respect to what was done but still left in the backlog blueprints
    • If something does not make sense anymore - please go ahead and delete those items or reword and include in any existing feature blueprints (or create new feature blueprints in the backlog)
    • Need to check if this is done - should be complete by Tuesday 22 Nov?
  • [ACTION]: All should check their backlogs and clear up any blueprints which are done already.
  • [ACTION]: ALL - review the "bucket" blueprints (engr-* blueprints) - move anything which is not done to new feature blueprints.
  • [ACTION]: JESSE - backlog milestones should move to the trunk series
    • - Done.
  • [ACTION]: Ilias to make the switch of the active series after the 11.11 release - so that the trunk becomes the active series - and make sure that all related configuration scripts are updated with the switch.
    • - Done


  • Status of Action items
  • Plan 11.12
    • Marc: glproxy, glcompbench work. Unity extra work?
    • Alexandros: LAVA visualisation for the dashboard. We have some utilities running, will try to feed some data next and see how it looks. Some work for glmark2. API tracing for gles, checking with another developer who contributed some patches on the same context - there is a blueprint already for 11.12
    • Chunsang: all parts for the perf events, done but not upstreamable. Started working with LAVA and the perf events. For UMM Chunsang needs to check with Marek.
    • GPU power management: Need to talk to PM team has some blueprints for this work
    • Sumit: v4l2 as exporter for dma-buf, and work with Rob for the demo of dma-buf and drm
    • Markus: try to get a dummy KMS driver (not hooked up to HW - but possible to run the tests for KMS even with no HW connected underneath).
  • Post-mortem points
    • From Ilias: please raise the flag early if something is not going to be delivered or is at risk

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • glmark2 2011.11 released.
  • LAVA tests
  • LAVA dashboard
    • Set up 'lava-graphics-dashboard' project in launchpad.
    • Getting acquainted with LAVA extensions, django etc.
    • In contact with validation team to set up a sandbox instance of the lava web site for development.
  • Catching up with recent developments in apitrace, to see how we can move forward.
  • Working on blueprints for 2011.12.

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

  • DMA-mapping API
    • No activity
  • Display GPU perf Events through LAVA
    • Continued from "Perf events for GPU"
    • Studying LAVA documents and set up implementation plan on "gpu-perf-lava-dashboard"
  • GPU Power Management
    • Split work items into separeted blueprints (gpu-power-management-xxx)
    • Started reviewing necessary modules (/drivers/cpufreq)
  • ETC
    • Helping Samsung landing team by building Android on Origen with Mali libs.
      • Succeeded to make s/w based working images from the scrach by following Origen wiki.
      • Resolved build problem by adding needed packages and boot error by changing sdcard - Reported it for landing to fix the build instruction wiki.
      • Preparing Mali user space driver with UMP from ARM.

Travis Watkins (Amaranth)

Sumit Semwal (sumits)

  • Was OOO for 3 days, so not a lot of change in status.
  • started designing v4l2 as dma-buf exporter.

Marc Ordinas i Llopis (marcoil)

  • glproxy
    • EGL virtualization
  • Unity
    • Looking at tests

Marcus Lorentzon (marlor)

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