• Action items from last meeting.
  • Post-mortem of 2011.06.
  • Current state of 2011.07 (only a week before freeze; or is there).
  • Planning for 2011.08 (armhf? other?).
  • AOB

Action Items

  • [ACTION] Jesse to follow up w/james_w on hidden graphics page for 2011.07.

  • [ACTION] Everyone to reevaluate work items for 2011.07, move stuff back to buckets, break up complex items into smaller ones, etc.
  • [ACTION] Jesse to work with everyone on this at 1 on 1's
  • [ACTION] Jesse to ping rsalveti on the Unity release.
  • [ACTION] Jesse to create 2011.08 blueprints based upon existing ones.
  • [ACTION] Jesse to find out priority on porting benchmarks to Android.

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • [Jesse] to sync with David Rusling on whether Russell King can be at Linaro Connect event.
    • DONE. Russell is coming, but his actual schedule is not yet firm, so more to come...
  • [Ilias/Jesse] decide final structure of the meeting
    • Still TODO. I think we can discuss in Connect for alternatives, eg IRC, unless you want to just experiment during July, in which case just do it. Joey Stanford can also help to create a separate linaro-graphics channel with a linarobot for logging attached properly.
    • [Jesse] +1
  • [Ilias] to check the situation with some non-graphics blueprints appearing in eg

    • Sent heads up to James_W, Jesse, could you followup and mark this as done or push to get resolution if not fixed?
    • DONE.


  • Post-mortem of 2011.06.
    • Same "off by one error" phenomenon with the new process as with the old (instead of 6 months of work in 5 months, we have 3 weeks to do 4 weeks worth of work - potentially). Also, releasing a component is nominally a couple of days.
  • Current state of 2011.07
    • We appear way behind, though this may not precisely be the case.
    • Much of the group is really sufferin from the above effects.
  • Planning for 2011.08
    • Everyone to move items from 2011.07 into both the 2011.08 blueprints and back into the buckets/backlogs.
    • Many of the items really need to be refined a great deal (the scope is much too large to be represented as a single work item.

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • glmark2
    • Shader conditionals benchmark implemented.
    • Shader loops benchmark implemented.
    • Shader functions benchmark implemented.
    • Bump/Normal mapping benchmark in progress.
    • Various refactoring efforts in progress.

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

  • DMA-mapping API
    • Got Marek's patches for DMA-mapping source from git and reviewing them with dma-mapping branch.
      • git://
    • Investigated IOMMU implementation on Samsung platform based on UMP, VCMM and CMA.
  • Perf events for GPU
    • Consolidating Mali driver on Origen board with the latest linaro kernel with LCD display.

Shariq Hasnain (shariqHa)

  • DMA mapping API
    • Studied Marek CMA patches.
    • Went through DMA mapping source code.
    • Went through Linaro mm mailing list mails.

Travis Watkins (Amaranth)

  • updated nux to latest trunk
  • some clean up of nux patches to prepare for upstream
  • updated compiz to latest trunk
    • seems DX team isn't using this yet, need to figure out what they're doing so we can track it
  • updated unity to latest trunk
    • getting random Xlib and GTK+ 3 crashes, need to discuss with DX team
  • started work on compiz per-plugin shader API

Sumit Semwal (sumits)

  • Buffer sharing objects
    • continued to work on this; should have a draft RFC by this weekend/early next week.
  • OMAP DRM driver
    • working with Rob to debug some issues on moving to 3.0 kernel.

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