• Action items from last meeting.
  • Travel status.
  • Mailing list and WG "marketing".
  • Blueprint status.





    GL Proxy






    Cairo GLES




  • AOB

Action Items

  • Jesse to ensure that we have valid conference call numbers for all members of the gfx WG (update)
  • Chunsang to add work items for UMPv2 API scoping against TTM.

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Jesse to ensure that we have valid conference call numbers for all members of the gfx WG (update)
    • Korean number still missing.
  • Everyone to send Jesse a list of the licenses of the projects they are working on being specific about GPLv2 vs GPLv3
    • Done
  • Chunsang to set up account (Jesse/Rajeev to assist if needed).
    • In progress
  • Alexandros to start a wiki page on Cairo GL usage and GLES2 porting issues and solutions.
  • Everyone to review Rajeev's comments in blueprints and fix any pending issues (deferred from previous meeting).
    • Done
  • Everyone to update blueprints to reflect current work item status (eg mark done items as DONE) (deferred from previous meeting)
    • Done


  • GLproxy licensing
    • MIT/X11 seems the best choice
    • Same as other related projects eg GLEW
  • Working group promotion
    • A lot of work is done by the working group that is not related to work items.
    • That work is usually neither publicly announced nor easily discoverable.
    • Announce important work in linaro-dev and create links in main WG page when appropriate.
    • Make discussions public in linaro-dev by default, unless there are reasons to keep it private.
  • DRI/Mali (Chunsang/Jesse)
    • Ready to upload Mali and UMP sources to once SSH key issues are resolved.
    • Fixes where needed to build configuration for Mali and UMP.
    • Upstreaming UMP is difficult (to say the least)
      • Yet another MM mechanism in the kernel
      • Code is not fit for upstreaming
    • Mali unlikely to move away from UMP.
    • Best solution seems to be to create a thin translation layer from UMP API to TTM
      • Need to study UMPv2 API scoping against TTM
      • Scoping will assist in finding missing TTM capabilities and other "impedance mismatches".
      • ACTION: Chunsang to add work items for UMPv2 API scoping against TTM.
  • GLProxy (Jammy)
    • Upstream bugs pending (see detailed report)
  • Compositors (Jammy)
    • Created guide for kwin/plasma building on ARM GLES2
      • The guide should help packaging work (Tom, Kunal)
    • A lot of patches/improvement have been sent to kwin upstream and are under review.
    • Performance enhancement patch accepted in
  • Compiz (Travis)
    • Remainder of legacy matrix related vertex processing done (all work now in vertex shaders with no built-ins).
    • Started work on a shader for opacity, brightness, and saturation, current code is difficult to refactor though.
  • Cairo GLES2 (Alexandros)
    • EGL in cairo is now working as expected (patchset accepted)
    • With the help of Jesse and ARM colleagues we have engineered a nice solution for GL_CLAMP_TO_BORDER issue.
  • Benchmarks (Alexandros)
    • Will create a set of tools to automatically load and scroll web pages using various engines.
      • Tools will make it easy to capture traces.
    • Working on list of Free websites to capture traces of
      • Talos (firefox benchmark suite) runs tests using top 100 Alexa rated sites.
      • Due to licensing issues we can't use those :(

    • In contact with cairo upstream to resolve cairo-traces licensing issues.
      • If succesful we will be able to reuse some the traces there.
      • cairo-traces includes traces from some synthetic browser benchmarks

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • Cairo GLES2
  • Benchmarks
    • In contact with upstream to clarify existing cairo-traces licensing.
      • If all goes well we will be able to reuse many of the existing traces.
      • Still need to create website traces ourselves because of content copyright issues.
      • Started to compile a list of reasonably complex free (as in freedom) web sites we can use for tracing.
      • Working on small program to automatically load and scroll a set of web pages using gecko.
    • QtWebkit pixmap tracing

      • No progress, will move to later in the cycle.
      • Not a blocker, so no problem.

Jammy Zhou (jazh)

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

  • DRI/Mali
    • Studied DRM/DRI in Mesa implementation and MSM's KGSL.
      • Found that MSM uses KGSL instead of normal DRM.
    • Prepared to upload Mali and UMP sources to
      • Modified Makefiles and created Kconfigs for Mali and UMP
      • Fixed bugs in Makefile:
        • wrong checking condition in Mali Makefile.
        • multiple definitions when building both of UMP and Mali in UMP Makefile.
      • Fixed multi-defined map_errcode in ump_kernel_linux.c and mali_kernel_linux.c.
    • Fixing problem to access
      • Got an account for git but "Permission denied (public key)" happened though imported key to launchpad.
      • Asking to IT manager( with ssh logs on email

Shariq Hasnain (shariqHa)

Travis Watkins (Amaranth)

  • removed calls to glLoadMatrix and use of gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix built-in

    • compiz already had an API for this, it passes a matrix around where ever it is needed
  • started work on a shader for opacity, brightness, and saturation, current code is difficult to refactor though

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