Build KDE/Kwin on ARM

The notes here have been verified with Linaro headless image on Freescale i.MX51 platform.

KDE Basic Components

  • KDE Runtime
  • KDE Workspace
  • KDE Baseapps

Code Preparation

  • KDE projects:

  • Create $HOME/kde directory for holding source files and building
  • Using git to download upstream code, and put them in $HOME/kde/src directory
    • attica: git clone git://
    • soprano: git clone git://
    • phonon: git clone git://
    • kdelibs: git clone git://
    • kde-runtime: git clone git://
    • kde-workspace: git clone git://
    • kde-baseapps (optional): git clone git://

Build Prerequisites

Build Steps

  • Adding cmakekde support to the system:

    • A new account is not necessary, just add the environment variables to .bashrc of your account
    • To use Qt installed in the system, please uncomment QT related lines
    • Before going forward, please make sure the environment variables already take effect
  • Build some required libraries first (attica, soprano and phonon), take attica for example here
    • cd ~/kde/src/attica
    • run cmakekde, the build will begin in $HOME/kde/build/attica directory
    • after the build finished, files will be installed to subdirectories under $HOME/kde ('bin' for binary execution, 'etc' for configuration files, 'include' for header files ...)
  • Build kdelibs
    • cd ~/kde/src/kdelibs
    • run cmakekde
  • Build kde-runtime
    • cd ~/kde/src/kde-runtime
    • run cmakekde
  • Build kde-workspace
    • To enable the OpenGL ES code path in kwin, please make sure that following packages are installed in your build machine to support compositing
      • XComposite
      • XDamage
      • OpenGL ES
    • Set the KWIN_BUILD_WITH_OPENGLES build option to ON (in kde-workspace/CMakeLists.txt). Beside change it manually, "-DKWIN_BUILD_WITH_OPENGLES=ON" can be added to cmake command to turn it on
    • cd ~/kde/src/kde-workspace
    • run cmakekde
  • Build kde-baseapps (optional for kwin)
    • cd ~/kde/src/kde-baseapps
    • run cmakekde

Basic Testing

  • start X server: X &

  • export DISPLAY=:0
  • ~/kde/bin/kwin &

  • ~/kde/bin/plasma-desktop

Known Issues

  • TBA


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