Linaro Connect Asia 14 - Macau

Linaro Connect USA 13 - San Jose

Draft ideas for the next Linaro Connect in San Jose

  • World of UMM
    • There has been a lot of interesting, sometimes seemingly-conflicting things happening in the UMM world in the recent past. This includes a bunch of sessions at the recently concluded Linux Plumbers' Conference. This session aims at discussing the directions going forward on some of those:
    • fences - dma-buf fences v/s Android sync driver.
    • Ways to make ION-like functionality available upstream - constraint-solving for dma-buf, etc
    • Other updates
  • GPGPU on ARM
  • armv8 Graphics Stack BOF
  • hwcomposer v2
  • fence objects for dma-buf
  • ION
  • Demos
    • CDFv3 as a Demo
    • hwcomposer Demo
    • GPGPU Demo of some sort?

Collection of past Graphics Working Group sessions and their materials.

Linaro Connect Europe 13 - Dublin

  • Android hwcomposer HAL on KMS
  • Porting armv8 NEON
  • 64 bit armv8 Linux Graphical Stack
  • HSA on ARM
  • Common Display Framework (CDF) Architecture and Implementation

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