Graphics Working Group

The Graphics Working Group aims to maintain and improve the Android and Linux graphical related stacks for current and future GPUs used in modern ARM devices like smart phones, tablets and netbooks. We also work to advance the use of General Purpose computing on GPUs.

The Tech Lead is Tom Gall, and the Project Manager is James Elliott.

The team is divided into the following teams: Display, Unified Memory Management, Media and Libs and GPGPU.


We use jira as our project management system.

Display Team

Working on Display Frameworks, kernel drivers, KMS, hwcomposer, ADF, CDF, DRM and related topics.

Media & Libs Team

Working on codecs, porting and acceleration of graphics oriented packages.

Unified Memory Management Team

Working on dma-buf, ion, gralloc, sync frameworks and related topics.


Working on enablement and exploitation of GPU, DSP and other computing resources. GPGPU projects are hosted out of the Office of the CTO.

Past Team Meeting Minutes

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Reference Material


The Graphics team releases both as part of the month official Linaro releases as well as pushing patches "when ready" upstream to a variety of projects or to our own software repositories. All of these actions when taken together constitute releasing software from the Linaro Graphics Working Group.

Each individual Subteam has their own accomplishments from month to month and those are listed on the various subteam pages.

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