Key Points for wider discussion

  • Linus Walleij Feels that as soon as Device Tree is involved, discussions seem to escalate. It seems that the effort required to create new device tree bindings is considerable. Is this particular for the Pin controllers or is it a generic phenomenon for all kind of new subsystem mappings?

Team Highlights

  • The KWG sub-teams have started to function independently, sub-teams wiki pages under construction.

Device Tree

  • Thomas
    • Submitted patch for a new lcd power control driver with device tree support. This is required for controlling power to lcd panel that do not use a serial command interface or memory mapped io interface.
  • Submitted device tree support patch for generic power domains.
  • Submitted device tree support patch for Samsung display controller.
  • Shawn
    • Reviewed imx pinctrl patch series from Aisheng, and had some extensive discussion on how we should add DT binding for pinctrl drivers.

imx6 maintenance - Shawn

  • Collected a number of imx tty/serial patches and sent them to Greg
    • for 3.3 merge window.
  • Collected a couple of imx6 PM fixup patches from Eric Miao
  • Reviewed imx6 IRAM patch from Jason Chen
  • Reviewed imx6 anatop regulator bypass patch from Jason Chen
  • Reviewed imx6 suspend patches from Jason Chen
  • Reviewed cpufreq patch series from Richard Zhao
  • Reviewed imx-sdma fixup patches from Richard Zhao
  • Reviewed imx6 audio board level patches from Richard Zhao
  • Sent a patch to fix !SMP build for imx6
  • Sent a patch to fix v7_invalidate_l1 by adding I-Cache invalidation
  • Reviewed irqdomain fixup patches from Thierry Reding

mxs maintenance - Shawn-

  • Sent the clk-prepare series to fix mutex locking issue while moving
    • one step towards common-clk frame work
  • Sent a patch to use CHIPID register to detect soc between imx23 and
    • imx28, so that we do not need to touch uncompress.h and mxs.h every time a new board support is added. (Thanks for Wolfram Sang for the suggestion)
  • Managed to send 'Bluegiga APX4 Development Kit' board support from
    • Lauri Hintsala to arm-soc. Not sure if it will be in for 3.3 merge window though.
  • Tested the patch from Fabio Estevam adding audio support into
    • mxs_defconfig

Android - John

  • I've got a patch queue that adds a android alarmtimer driver, which is

mended to use the upstreamed alarmtimer code, to staging. Unfortunately the android alarmtimer heavily relies on wakelocks which are not upstream.

  • Need to send the patch queue out to get some feedback on it from Arve

and Greg to see how viable it would be to include in staging with wakelocks stubbed out.

  • Sent some mail discussing plans with Rafael about how he intends to

convert the pm_stay_awake/pm_relax interfaces to be sufficient to replace wakelocks

  • Couple of RTC patches I pushed in before the holidays were causing regressions, so got them reverted and worked to revise the fixes with the patch authors.
  • Synced with Greg KH and Tim Bird and submitted talk on Android kernel patch status for ELC
  • Sent a few iterations of the patches to evdev to allow monotonic timestamps to be used (required for ICS). Made some requested modifications by the upstream maintainer. Didn't get any objections. Pinged Google devs to try to get feedback prior to submitting (hopefully or 3.3 - which might allow ICS to run/limp on 3.3 without any additional patches)

Upstream Contributions - Nico -

  • Integrated comments and review tags to the arch_idle() removal patch series

in preparation for RMK to pull. Had to redo it again because of a snafu with some other Samsung patches this ended up depending on.

  • Sent shmobile fix for the vmalloc series to RMK.
  • Re-updated my early boot code register assignment rework onto mainline

as requested by RMK.

Linaro Kernel Maintenance - Nico

  • Nothing much on that front, beside some discussions with Alexey who is going to take care of the Linaro kernel from now on.


  • Linus Walleij (in mail and during meeting):

    • Current upstreaming status: I've sent a pull request for the top of the pinctrl branch that has matured in linux-next to Torvalds, he's yet to pull it.
    • My for-next branch is frozen until the merge window is closed.
    • PXA is very mature but did not make it into this merge window, but has been merged on top of my devel branch.
    • Very impressed by the work being done by Dong on the DT mappings and very happy to see it.
    • My focus should be on a pin config mapping table and accessor functions. I tried to create the accessors first (called pin group states and pinmux states), but this was NACKed by Stephen, so I need to come up with a complete upfront design to cover configuration of pins and entire groups from a table. The idea is to replace the enum states with strings (whereof a few will be standard) and map these states to a table coming from the platform data or DT.
  • Dong Aisheng

    • Still doing pinctrl binding work for dt. Had a lot of discussion on it with other people in the maillist like how to bind pinmux function, group and map, and the standardized pinmux phandle for device node to use as well as hog_on_boot function support.

Risks / Issues








Some risk

Will take some steps to mitigate



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