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Individual Activity Reports

Team Highlights

Linaro Kernel

Linaro-Android kernel

  • Updated the Linaro+Android tree From the branch: git:// linaro-android-3.1-agreen-rebase and tagged it as: linux-linaro-3.1-2011.11-0-android-1

Pinctrl / Pinmux

* Reviewed pinctrl driver and pinmux extensions. Completed a limited functionality driver for exynos4, will submit this for review.

  • Reviewed LinusW's pin configuration patch and checked compatibility for exynos4.

Device tree

* Reworked omap-serial dt on top of latest serial runtime adaptation

  • patches (rebased on 3.2-rc1). Need some more validation/cleanup before I post it out for review.

* imx5 board level DT series hit v3.2-rc1. * imx6 with DT support from the beginning hit v3.2-rc1. * Migrated mc13892 regulator to DT based Rajendra's series v4. Waiting for his series v5 to rebase and post mine.

Upstream work

Patch Review

  • The LPAE patch series from Catalin Marinas
  • The arch_reset patch series from RMK
  • Multi IRQ handler patch series from Marc Zyngier
  • Initial series to move towards DT support for Orion/Kirkwood/Dove

Upstream Contributions

  • Rebased my patch series reworking static IO mappings and removing mach/vmalloc.h to v3.2-rc1. Still need to retest and repost.

Common Clock

* Migrated imx6 clock to Mike's common clock series v2. Waiting for his series v3 to rebase and post my mine. * Investigated how to port vexpress to the proposed common struct clk. Looks straightforward. There appears to be no specfic blueprint for his yet(?)

Android Upstreaming

  • Worked on madvise VOLATILE ashmem alternative. Got first draft of the patch that seems to be working. Pinged Robert Love at Google to see if there were any unit tests available (sadly there aren't). Gotten some internal review from VM folks and need to address some style issues, then will hopefully sent to Robert for input and possibly publicly later.
  • Generated background slide for Android Upstreaming work.
  • Enabled eCryptFS in Linaro+Android kernel defconfigs and released an the initial 11.11 linaro-android kernel.

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