Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

  • Most team attended the Linaro Connect, many good sessions, discussion and hacking has happened. Deepak has summarized the event for KWG

  • Due to Thanksgiving holiday, this month kernel release will be as follows: Freeze on 2011-11-14 and release on 2011-11-17.
  • Based on discussions at LCQ4.11 Connect in Orlando, there will be a new process for the Kernel WG, new sub-team will be designated for each major area with a lead. The weekly meeting will be changed to a bi-weekly meeting. Individual activity reports will be emphasised as the main mean to report weekly activities in the KWG.
  • Device Tree
    • Submitted rebased version of the samsung's sdhci driver device tree patches.
    • Started with device tree support for samsung's i2s audio interface driver
    • Started looking into pinmux driver based on the pinctrl subsystem for samsung platforms.
    • Regulator core DT patches Acked by Mark. Some more minor comments from Olof, will need another final repost.
    • Initial omap hsmmc dt patches posted. Need more rework in cleaning up some of the legacy code from driver.
    • Mcspi/Ethernet dt patches validated, but with hack to make gpio_to_irq() work. Will post with proper implementation once Benoit fixes up the omap gpio adaptations.
    • Working on serial dt conversion, on top of the runtime changes /cleanup underway for omap serial driver.
  • Pinctrl
    • Linus Torvalds has pulled the pinctrl subssystem for Linux v3.2.
    • Several other subsystems have also been pulled for 3.2, many patches created or signed-off by Linus Walleij have made their way into mainline due to this, including LP5521 and LM3530 LEDs, Nomadik I2C, DB8500 CPUfreq, MMC core and the PL180 MMCI driver, AB8500 Core, a bunch of DB8500 PRCMU patches, AB5500 driver, AB8500 GPADC, a few Integrator patches, PL022 SPI and of course a stack of Ux500 core patches.
    • All GPIO cleanups initially started in the Cambourne sprint in cooperation with Ben Dooks, have been pulled into Linus Torvalds' tree.

Activity Report


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