Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

Upstream work

  • The imx mach/gpio.h cleanup patch set was picked by Sascha.
  • The v6/v7 single kernel patches are now accepted by Russell; these should allow linaro filesystems to work on omap2plus_defconfig kernels
  • Russell also accepted the alignment fixup mode patches, so we can now disable silent alignment fixups out of boot if we want, those ought to land upstream in v3.2, I guess

Device Tree

  • Shawn Started adding DT support for i.mx6q board as well as trying to get the initial support for this new SoC upstreamed. Currently a v3.1-rc2 based device tree kernel running into console with nfs root on this board. But still more coding before ShawnGuo can post the patches, especially on clock support.

  • Dave vexpress device tree: got a booting kernel (with some hacks) platform devices are now populated from the device tree, but IRQ assignments are all messed up
  • Initial device tree support for Samsung's Origen board and UART, I2C and HSMMC drivers are ready.
  • MX53 NAND driver support, done, patches send out to mtd ML, driver patch accepted by Artem to l2-mtd-2.6.git


  • The USB mass storage patch about having variable number of pipeline buffers is queued for 3.2.
  • Fault injection for MMC is queued for 3.2

Linaro kernel

  • Nico merged a bunch of patches for the 11.08 linaro kernel release

ARM Soc Maintenance

  • One major patch set worth mentioning is the Qualcomm Hexagon architecture that was submitted last week. They share most devices with arm/mach-msm so there will be some synergy with the device tree work I hope, Arnd id a long review of that, and hink it will get into 3.2, along with TI's C64x architecture
    • Bug fixes for 3.1 and features for 3.2 are trickling in, so Arnd should be merging those into arm-soc this week, and forward the bug fixes.

Single zimage

  • Nico rebased his earlier patch series for the single zImage to the latest upstream kernel, submitted one of them to RMK
  • Nixo has his series for appending DTB to zImage, need to refine and push upstream eventually, also the removal of vmalloc.h


  • Effort merging Android patches (specifically timer related) was noted during the Linux Con chat between Linus and Greg.
  • Merged 11.08 Linaro kernel into Linaro+Android tree
  • Tested, tagged, and released linux-linaro-3.0-2011.08-0-android-0 & linux-linaro-3.0-2011.08-0-android-1 kernels.


  • Tixy have kprobes test code ready

Risks / Issues

  • Still need to sort out internal gerrit process for linaro+android kernel (John still can't push to gerrit without requiring each change to be reviewed by two people, which won't work).


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