Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights


  • Updated the Linaro+Android 3.0 branch and pushed it out.

Device Tree

  • Submitted second version of sdhci and exynos4 device tree patches with modifications suggested by Grant.
  • Submitted first version of the i2c device tree support patches. Received feedback from Grant and now working on modifying the i2c driver device tree support.
  • Tested audio on imx51 babbage board with a full dt kernel, which means I got i2c, sgtl5000 codec, mc13892 regulator, ssi and sdma working on device tree. But due to some unresolved dependency and open issues, only i2c and sdma dt support patches were sent out for review. With a v2 on sdma, there is no more comments. Suppose they are in the good shape for v3.1.
  • Sent a small patch to enable dt for imx2_wdt driver.
  • Sent a couple of patches to add device tree support for gpio_keys.

Upstream oriented activities

  • Review of the kprobes patches from Tixy (all 75 of them). This is now merged in RMK's tree.
  • Additional cleanups to the patch series removing per machine hardcoded DMA region size, plus various ACKs. Need to rebase on top of RMK's "replace ISA_DMA_THRESHOLD with a variable" commit.
  • Quick look at possible solutions to remove per machine hardcoded VMALLOC_END.

Linaro kernel activities

  • Kprobe work is done and will be merged in this month Linaro-kernel
  • Merged the following into linaro-2.6.39:
    • mmc: block: fixed NULL pointer dereference
    • Add ARM cpu topology definition
  • Initial preparation of a linaro-3.0 tree.


  • MX53loco support mainlined in U-Boot v2011.06 release
  • MX6Q/D 2/4-cores(cortex-a9) Linux bring up finished.

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