This Status report is mainly based on the Individual Weekly Activity reports and Weekly Kernel meeting minutes. Other info are gathered from IRC discussions, emails and announcements. 

Individual Weekly Activity Report

Meeting Minutes

Key Points for wider discussion

  • android upstreaming: currently blocked on AOSP group membership/license grant stuff. working on a test case to demonstrate that my mending of the anrdoid patches to use the newly upstreamed posix alarm timer work is functioning properly the aosp stuff needs to get fixed soon, its been 2+ weeks now.
  • samsung, qualcomm, nvidia have not sent anything for sub-architect maintainer (Arnd)

Team Highlights

Android Common tree

  • Released initial linaro+android-3.0 kernel branch
  • Lots of discussion over the last few weeks about kernel flow process. But for 11.07 John is pushing a 3.0 kernel out so the android platform team can get started testing, and will merge in nico's 11.07 bits as soon as they become available.
  • Resolved ADB regressions in linaro+android-3.0 kernel
  • Continued POSIX/Android Alarm Timer merging work along with creating a test case to validate the merged result.

device Tree

  • Working on migrating imx driver to device tree aware. Right now, serial, fec, gpio, esdhc and spi are basically done, will hit 3.1. Next will be i2c, sdma, ssi, etc ...
  • Moving tegra over to use the device tree. most of the devices being initialized using the device tree.
  • Booted Snowball, with DT.
  • Working on modifying the samsung uart driver to use to generic clock names instead of passing clock names in platform data (required for dt support).

kernel Standard Architecture

  • Experimentally merged the ael tree with linux-linaro-2.6.39.

Upstream Activities

  • Submitted kprobe Thumb-2 support patches for review on Saturday.
  • CPU info declaration macros -- Addressed Russell's commented and reposted in Will Deacon's tree, waiting for merge upstream.
  • Some discussion around VDSO support.
  • Posted the following patch series to contribute to the single kernel image goal:
    • removal of hardcoded absolute physical address in mdesc->boot_params

    • removal of compile time usage of ARM_DMA_ZONE_SIZE
    • removal of a few StrongARM cache-related build time constants
    • removal of many arch/arm/*/include/mach/memory.h instances
    • removal of more unused/incomplete ARM machine code
  • Processed feedback on the above from the mailing list (fixes, acked-by tags, etc.)
  • Review of the following patches and series:
    • poisoning initmem when it is freed
    • introduction of a led trigger for CPU activity
    • linker layouts reorganization
    • support for XZ compressed kernels
  • Discussion of a couple design issues with the Thumb2 kprobe implementation.

Linaro kernel activities

  • Merged the following to linaro-2.6.39:
    • OMAP: Overo: remove duplicate call to overo_ads7846_init()
    • mmc: documentation of mmc non-blocking request usage and design.
    • omap2 overo fix video issue
  • Reverted "arm: omap4: support pmu" from linaro-2.6.39 as this is apparently causing boot hangs for some people, and no progress has been made towards a fix after a week.


  • Submitted kprobe Thumb-2 support patches for review on Saturday.
  • Preparing patches for moving kprobe ARM support to new decoding table scheme, and patches to add my kprobes test code. I also need
  • Need to discuss with maintainers of generic kprobes code about fixing a potential deadlock issue involving text_mutex and cpu-hotplug.


  • Merged branches for omap, imx, at91, davinci, ... into arm-soc.git. More coming
  • Review of latest OpenRISC arch patches
  • Review of latest DA9052 patches


  • Alot of discussions about CMA recently, we need fix the problem Russell that he complained about.


  • mmc non-blocking patchset v9 is merged in mmc-next for 3.1
  • Submitted mmc non-blocking documentation, review process is ongoing.

Risks / Issues







AOSP Contributers license group



Asac is following up on this issue to resolve



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