Key Points for wider discussion

  • Dave suggests we disable aligment fixups for linaro images, since gtk-sharp2 is now the only thing known to be affected.

Team Highlights


  • Worked to get ADB over USB working for both Beagle and Panda boards for 2.6.39
  • Updated linaro+android tree to linaro 11.06 final kernel
  • Worked on testing Android Alarm Timers integration with Posix Alarm Timers.
  • Sent pull requests to Tglx for patches I've queued for 3.1
  • Helped narrow down last minute Android Image issue with u-boot on beagleboard.


  • Started review of Kconfig code, had some discussions with folks from the Yocto project on how Kconfig fragments might help. Reached out to the author of Kconfig SAT work from a year ago to learn more.


  • Rebased mmc non-blocking patchset v8 on to of mmc-next for 3.1. The patchset has received a couple of acked-by and will hopefully be merged for 3.1.
    • Run mmc test on on ARM real view and U300 with help from Linus W. Made minor adjustments in the mmc_test as a result of realview and U300 testing
  • Investigated why the eMMC on snowball is slow compared to U8500. I thought it might be a SW issue but it turned out that Snowball has a relatively slow eMMC.

Upstream oriented activities

  • Work on patch series removing hardcoded absolute physical address in mdesc->boot_params.

  • Work on patch series removing compile time usage of ARM_DMA_ZONE_SIZE.
  • Continue work on patch series removing many instances of arch/arm/*/include/mach/memory.h.
  • Review of idle notifiers from Todd Poynor.
  • Posted RFC patches removing incomplete/unused ARM machine code.
  • Review patch series making mach/hardware.h optional from Rob Herring.
  • Sent a mxs-dma patch to skip request_irq for NO_IRQ, so that gpmi which gets multiple dma channels sharing one IRQ can work with mxs-dma too.
  • Co-worked with Troy Kisky to send a patch fix the issue that fec driver can not work with mii phy on imx53.
  • CPU info declaration macros -- No dissent upstream. These patches are now sitting in Will Deacon's tree waiting for him to send a pull request to Russell.
  • Will Deacon's Generic MMU off code -- helped fix an off- by-one type bug which was preventing the temporary stack's identity mapping from being installed properly.
  • More activity on minor bugs in gas:

Linaro kernel activities

  • Merged only one patch to linaro-2.6.39 fixing a bug in the MMC test module. If the lack of more fixes is indicative of anything, linux-linaro-2.6.39 for 11.06 should be close to perfection.


  • Started an experimental merge of Catalin Marinas' LPAE (ARM Large Physical Address Extension) patches with linux-linaro-2.6.39. Have a booting kernel on the ARM VExpress-CA15x4 model making use of physical memory beyond 4GB, but still having problems with SMP (probably a separate issue from LPAE / A15 support).
  • Suggest we disable aligment fixups for linaro images, since gtk-sharp2 is now the only thing known to be affected.

Risks / Issues

  • Too much breakage & regressions around Panda!

  • AOSP license grant group issues still remain before I can submit patches to AOSP

Individual Activity Report


  • Per on Vacation 4 weeks in July.

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