Key Points for wider discussion

  • A concern about the seemingly large split between what is available for testing in the hwpacks, and nico's tree.
  • Handling last minute fixes. We need more clear "freeze" period for nico's tree, to reduce churn in the linaro+android tree
  • How to handle on going activities in the planning cycle

Team Highlights

Upstream Activities

  • Posix Alarm Timers merged in mainline for 2.6.40-rc1
  • Number of clocksource cleanups merged for 2.6.40-rc1
  • A number of RTC fixes were merged in 2.6.39
  • Reviewpatch series consolidating Marvell Orion/Kirkwood/Dove from Andrew Lunn
  • Git pull request to RMK for the above and the generic IRQ chip changes.
  • Review patch to fix highmem detection when using SPARSEMEM.
  • Review patch to indicate thumbness of the kernel build and investigate alternatives.
  • Initial work for removing a lot of machine specific memory.h files by always relying on the p2v patching. So far the stats are: 55 files changed, 113 insertions(+), 1330 deletions(-).
  • Review of Paul McKenney's LWN article on Linaro/ARM kernel work.

  • RCU priority-boosting commits accepted into mainline for 2.6.40.
  • Tested and reposted {set,get}_fiq_regs patches for Thumb-2 compatibility
  • Submitted patches of clkdev support on Samsung platforms. This is prerequisite for common clock and device tree support. (

Linaro+Android tree

  • Updated Linaro+Android git tree
    • Included recent HDMI fixes from nico's tree

Linaro kernel activities

  • Merged the following:
    • v2.6.38.6
    • smsc95xx: fix reset check
    • ptrace: Prepare to fix racy accesses on task breakpoints
    • arm, hw_breakpoints: Fix racy access to ptrace breakpoints
    • mmc: omap: Fix possible NULL pointer deref
    • ARM: 6890/1: memmap: only free allocated memmap entries when using SPARSEMEM
    • ARM: 6870/1: The mandatory barrier rmb() must be a dsb() in for device accesses
    • branch 'rsalveti-andy-for-nicolas' of git://
    • Add unwinding support for division functions
    • v2.6.38.7

Risks / Issues


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