Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

Upstream activities

  • Initial review of tglx's sched_clock consolidation patchset.
  • Review of Will Deacon's patch for SMP futex support.
  • DMA memory management
  • MMC patch review
  • AXI bus driver
  • UIO
  • PTP
  • macvtap
  • Working RCU priority boosting bug: Cheng Xu encountered same bug with user-level program, so this is officially a scheduler bug. Fortunately, my workarounds still are working.
  • Sent Sedat Dilek two sets of diagnostics thus far, working up a third set. Problem is in wake-up path for per-CPU kthread.

Linaro kernel activities

  • Call for testing: OMAP4 extra support from Andy Green.
  • Review of the proposed ST-Ericsson kernel repository. Sent comments to Lee Jones.
  • Merged the following in linaro-2.6.38:


  • Pushed out updated Linaro Android tree which resolves the omap3 USB issue and supports HDMI output on PandaBoard, allowing the Android UI to now function on Panda.

  • Sent out the Posix Alarm Timers patch queue to lkml for review/inclusion.
  • Rebuilt the Android Trivial tree from latest Android tree:;a=summary

    • Sent out an MM patch for review from the Android Trivial Tree.
    • Sent out six MMC patches for review from the Android Trivial Tree.
  • Sent clocksource cleanup patch to Magnus Damm to follow up on a conversation we had at ELC.


  • Submitted a LPC BoF discussion on Kconfig fragments for internal review.


  • Discussing mmc nonblock implementation on mmc-mailing list.
  • Added pre_req and post_req for SDHCI driver, but did not see performance gain on mx51 esdhc. No comments from Per Forlin on that so far.
  • Added pre_req and post_req for for mxs-mmc driver and saw ~4% performance improvement at the best case. Per Forlin gave some comments saying pre_req and post_req were not added correctly. But I do not completely understand his comments and asked him for clarification. No further response yet so far.

Device Tree

  • The .dtb support has been available in hwpack daily build and lmc v0.4.4. Tested it on mx51 babbage and it works out of box.
  • With the help from Dave and Nico, the failure of John Bonesio's append-dtb patch on babbage was killed. It's caused by the use of static variable in uncompressed.h, which will not be relocated because it's not in .bss section.
  • Caught the problem of babbage.dtb memory node, which misses device_type' property.


  • Continuing migration of Samsung clock code to use common clock framework.
  • Preparing for Linaro kernel board bring-up on Samsung's s5pv310 based low-cost board.

Linaro@UDS prep

  • Discussion with Thomas Gleixner, Andrew Morton, and Linus Torvalds on maintainership issue.
  • Pre-Budapest definition/scheduling work, created UDS session blueprints
  • Created a step by step instructions how to create Engineering blueprints, where to place the specification wiki page and how to attach TR blueprints to Engineering blue prints

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Close on UDS sessions schedule

Risks / Issues

  • Not all UDS session leaders may be in Budapest, meed to make sure the sessions are covered


  • New Team Lead Deepak Saxena
  • Interviewed two candidates for Kernel WG, both are +1. Will set up interview with another candidate next week.

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