Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

Cycle 11.11 Planning

  • Cycle 11.11 Technical Requirements ownership and estimates
  • Created TR blueprints
  • Tixy will handle K5.1 TR kprobes
  • Thomas would like to help with k8.1, Memory Regions Support


  • Arnd
    • Talked at Linux Filesystem and Storage summit about flash drive problems and how we can solve them
    • Presented my research at Embedded Linux Conference
    • Gave a keynote at Embedded Linux Conference
  • John
    • Gave my Presentation "Android OS on Servers?" at ELC
    • Got to have a number of really useful conversations at ELC
    • Attended a meeting with Google Android developers
  • Paul
    • Attended ELC: Google Android discussions and ARM maintainership issue

Device Tree

  • The make-dtbs patch has been merged by John Rigby on the linux-linaro-natty tree.
  • The lmc dtb support on branch lp:~shawnguo/linaro-image-tools/add-dtb has been approved by Loic for merging lmc trunk.

Linaro Kernel

  • Merged v2.6.38.3 into linaro-2.6.38
    • Merged the following fixes:
    • support pmu/perf on OMAP4
    • vexpress: Update basic DT to use skeleton.dtsi file
    • Fix broken dtbs rule.
    • MUSB: shutdown: Make sure block is awake before doing shutdown
    • OMAP: Fixed gpio polarity of gpio USB-phy reset.
    • basic DT support on vexpress
    • Preserve the VFP state during fork
    • perf: ensure pass through zero is counted on overflow
    • EXYNOS4: Fix card insert/removal event detection on smdkv310 board
    • EXYNOS4: CPUIDLE Support

Upstream oriented activities

  • Reposted VFP coredumps patch -- no further traffic.
  • Investigated the status of ftrace with regard to Thumb-2. The implementation appears already to be there and seems to work, including dymamic ftrace.
  • More reviewing and queuing of several ARM kprobes patches from Tixy.
  • Pushed a few patch upstream to fix issues with the ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE personality flag (allows for the gdb test suite to pass).
  • Investigation about the kernel decompressor acting funny with the LZMA decompressor, or even corrupting DTB when the DT append patch is used. No resolution yet.
  • Initial review of tglx's IRQ consolidation patchset.

Upcoming Deliverables

  • Continue planning and preparation for Linaro@UDS

Risks / Issues

  • For cycle 11.11 John estimate to do full conversion of kconfig will take 6 PM's since that involves lots of folks, and possibly reworking major bits of the kconfig language.
  • Low priority cycle 11.11 TR's probably will not be done
  • Medium priority cycle 11.11 TR's are at risk
  • Some team members in the working group are not fully engaged, TI is providing 3 new replacements for current team members


  • Deepak Saxena has agreed to join us. He will be taking over as Kernel WG lead.
  • Niklas Hernaeus has submitted his CV as possible replacement to Mian Yousaf
  • TI is providing 3 names as replacement to existing members

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