Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

  • Device Tree
    • The basic DT for imx51 babbage, genesi efika mx and imx53 loco board support done, merged into linaro kernel git.
    • The patch of dtb-make-rule got merged on Nico's tree, and sent a follow-up patch to address the mixing rules issue with make 3.82 reported by Andy Green.
    • Added .dtb files into linaro-image-*.deb package and sent John Rigby the patch for including in the next release of linaro natty tree.
    • Added lmc dtb support for omap and mx5 based boards, and the patch is being reviewed.
  • Kexec
    • Tested kexec-reboot on Freescale platforms
    • Tested kexec-crashdump on Freescale platforms
    • Tested he kexec-reboot on Freescale i.mx51 babbage board
    • The kexec works fine with test result:
    • kexec-reboot, the second kernel can boot up successfully
    • kexec-crashdump, /proc/vmcore is created after boot up capture kernel
    • Tested kexec-reboot on s5pv310.
      • Works if L2 cache is disabled.
      • Debugging kernel reboot failure with L2 cache enabled.
    • Tested kexec-crashdump on s5pv310.
      • Works fine if capture kernel uses slab allocator but fails when using slub allocator.
      • With slub allocator, capture kernel crashes accessing a invalid virtual memory location.
    • Debugging the cause of capture kernel crash.
    • Enabling L2 cache support in i.mx51/53 uboot.
  • Android kernel
    • Got Linaro Android kernel working with HDMI on PandaBoard!

    • Added capability limits to Posix Alarm Timer patches
    • Thomas pulled in a bunch of timekeeping cleanups for 2.6.40
  • Linaro kernel
    • Merged dmart's patch moving ptrace to regsets framework allowing VFP state in coredumps.
    • Merged more DT support collected by Grant.
    • Merged more generic fixes from RMK.
    • Discussion with Andy Green about the possible merge of a bunch of OMAP4/Panda patches he collected. This bunch is quite large making me somewhat nervous... Needs further considerations.
  • Upstream activities
    • Review and queuing of several ARM kprobes patches from Tixy.
    • Review dmart's FIQ rework patch.
    • Fix a couple issues with personality handling in the kernel on ARM which affected the gdb test suite.
  • MMC
  • VFP coredumps patch moving forwards after some fixes. gdb/bfd support now implemented by Ulrich Weigand and confirmed to work.
  • Patch set for DMA support in USB for U8500 still waiting for the maintainer's attention
  • helping out the landing team to support USB on Snowball with kernel v2.6.38. Both host and peripheral sides are working. Further testing is in progress.


  • OMAP3 USB issue is still holding back Linaro Android kernel.
  • Patch set for DMA support in USB for U8500 still waiting for the maintainer's attention
  • TR's for next cycle, seem we have more than we can handle in 6 months
    • Unlikely to get to the low priority items and medium items are at risk

Upcoming Deliverables

  • sizing and assignment of cycle 11.1 Technical requirements

Risks / Issues


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