Key Points for wider discussion

Team Highlights

  • 11.11 cycle
    • Starting up 11.11 planning
    • Six high-level TRs: (1) device tree, (2) Android, (3) kernel/uboot support for new SoCs/boards (including standard architecture), (4) get to a monthly cadence for John Rigby, (5) improve performance of kernel/uboot for upcoming boards/SoCs, and (6) improve RAS for same.
  • Device Tree
    • All of the u-boot patches are in jcrigby's tree that covers omap3/4, samsung, freescale
    • On the kernel side efika, panda, overo, samsung and beagle support has been patched in
  • Linaro tree
    • Merged v2.6.38.2.
    • Re-merged the latest DT support after the rebuild of the kernel tree.
    • Merged various small fixes.
    • Re-merged OMAP DVFS after the rebuild of the kernel tree.
    • Merged LTTng support.
  • RCU
    • Working RCU priority boosting bug: reproduced slowdown (not hang)
    • Coded and tested diagnostics to track down this bug
    • Found and fixed one bug, more bugs remain
    • Pulled in kfree_rcu() patches from Lai Jiangshan: Nice API addition and code-size reduction
  • mmc
    • mmc none blocking implementation is more stable, but there are still some issues when running stress tests for many hours.
    • In contact with developer at Samsung that is interested in testing my code on the Samsung SoC.
  • Wrote and posted a patch to add VFP state to coredumps.
  • Sent current AlarmTimers patch queue to lkml for comment

  • Implemented timekeeping_inject_sleeptime to handle proper CLOCK_BOOTIME functionality on systems that don't supportread_persistent_clock

Upcoming Deliverables

Risks / Issues

  • OMAP3 USB regression is blocking Linaro Android tree update
  • Panda DSS boot panic is blocking Linaro Android tree update
  • Some of the kconfig Work Items will be POSTPONED to next cycle, as Jason will test kexec and John has to concentrate on Android kernel tree.


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