Introduction to the Sub-team

The pinctrl team's mission is to:

  • Create a pin controller subsystem in the Linux kernel
  • Move or implement pin controller drivers for the member companies target boards
  • Aiding in moving over any existing pin controllers under arch/arm/* and helping others to use the new subsystem

What is pinctrl?






Linus Walleij


Sub-Team lead (ST-Ericsson Ux500)

Rajendra Nayak


Developer (TI OMAP)

Thomas Abraham


Developer (Samsung Exynos)

Dong Aisheng


Developer (Freescale i.MX)

Currently Focused Blueprints

Other Status Pages


  • Stephen Warrens protocol from Linaro Connect - this outlines the next steps

  • Linus Walleij:

    • Rename pinmux_* handlers to pinctrl_* and move device handles to the pinctrl core so we need only one handle to get on both pin mux and pin config for a certain device.
    • Dummy pinmuxes like dummy regulators as Kconfig option
    • Think about a userspace interface under /dev/pinctrlN
  • Tony Lindgren:

    • pin mux/config should be able to deal with individual pins, not just groups
    • discardable data after init for pins, groups, functions, mux tables etc
    • pin control registration - OMAP has 10.000 lines of pure data, we need multiple data sources both platform data and DT from libfirmware especially groups, functions, mappings need to have register_one_[group|function|mapping] so we can build up larger stock of data from smaller items

    • we need to have userspace interface for different policy things, debugfs may be good enough




  • Bi-weekly meeting conducted on Phone/IRC agenda and minutes can be found at:


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