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Meeting info

  • Kernel WG meetings are conducted over IRC: #linaro-kernel on Freenode.


  • Arnd Bergmann:
  • Dave Martin:
  • Deepak Saxena:
  • Grant Likely:
  • Jason Hui:
  • John Stultz:
  • Linus Walleij:
  • Manjunath Kondaiah:
  • Mounir Bsaibes:
  • Nicolas Pitre:
  • Niklas Hernaeus:
  • Rajendara Nayak:
  • Thomas Abraham:
  • Shawn Guo:
  • Venkatraman Sathiyamoorthy:


  1. Announcement / Upcoming Release Dates
  2. Pending Action items
  3. Around the table: Work Items updates, what's next
  4. BUGS review

Action Items from Previous Meeting




<dsaxena> hi all
<dsaxena> who's around?
<nhe> hi
<omarrmz> hi
* mounirb says hi
<jstultz_vm> dsaxena:  morning.
* thomas-ab (73717782@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #linaro-kernel
<andrey_konovalov> hi
* svenkatr (~svenkatr@nat/ti/x-deqdvfijixtnfgwr) has joined #linaro-kernel
<dsaxena> good morning nhe omarrmz mounirb jstultz_vm thomas-ab andrey_konovalov  svenkatr :)
<arnd> hi
<dsaxena> hi arnd
<thomas-ab> Hi All
<dsaxena> i'll wait 1-2 minutes to see if anyone else rolls in
<dsaxena> ok, so let's start with some quick announcements
<dsaxena> first, we've decided to have only 3 connects this coming year instead of 4
<dsaxena> mounirb, do you have the details on dates?
<mounirb> yes: feb, end of may and end October / early November
<dsaxena> mounirb, do we know locations (other than Feb)?
<mounirb> dsaxena, no  - the October/November one will be co-located with UDS but I don't know the location
<dsaxena> ok, thanks
<dsaxena> next announcement is that our kernel is releasing this thursday. npitre, I'm guessing v3.1.5?
<mounirb> dsaxena, BTW  - we need the team (specially the new assignees) to start asking their management whether they are coming to San Francisco ot not
<dsaxena> mounirb, yep. I've been bringing it up in 1:1s
<dsaxena> ACTION for all is to check with your management on travel to February connect
<dsaxena> and ELC
<dsaxena> back to kernel release, please let npitre know if you have any patches you want included into the release by end of today
<andrey_konovalov> dsaxena, looks like kernel/linux-linaro-3.1.git is v3.1.4
<dsaxena> we can pull in 3.1.5 today
<dsaxena> related to kernel releases, we as a group need to have a better way of making our work available to linaro and non-linaro folks
<dsaxena> right now everyone on the team is working off their own private git trees and until someone sends patches upstream, it's difficult for anyone else to know status of given piece of work (DT, pinctrl, storage, etc)
<dsaxena> we need to move to a model of having git trees/topic branches on
<andrey_konovalov> would it make sense to Cc me when "let npitre know if you have any patches you want included into the release"? This would help me to get a better ise of what is going around with linux-linaro-3.1.git
<dsaxena> so that npitre / andrey_konovalov  can just pull topic branches at merge time
<dsaxena> andrey_konovalov, yes
<andrey_konovalov> s/ise/idea
<dsaxena> the topic branches would also allow the LTs to pick specific bits they need
<dsaxena> i'll work with andrey_konovalov and npitre on the process around topic branches
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<dsaxena> next quick announcement from my end is restructuring of team meetings next year
<dsaxena> the team is too big to have full on meetings like this, and there are too many people for in-depth techinical discussions
<dsaxena> we'll be shifting to regular sub-team meetings (pinctrl, DT, storage, etc)
<dsaxena> with a full team meeting once a month
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<dsaxena> ok, that's it from my end in terms of announcements
<dsaxena> oh, another sub-team will be Android upstreaming
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<dsaxena> mounirb, anything else from your end?
* thomas-ab (ca4bc0c3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #linaro-kernel
<mounirb> dsaxena, vacation - reminder that last week Linaro is closed  it would be nice to know the vacation story for the team, who is staying/leaving, etc..
<dsaxena> thanks
<dsaxena> ACTION: please update linaro leaves calendar and also send mounirb and myself an email with dates you are gone
* dsaxena will be out dec 23rd-jan 9th
* mounirb wil be out 19th- Jan 3rd
* thomas-ab_ (~omasab@ has joined #linaro-kernel
<dsaxena> ok, so that might be it from the logistics part of the meeting.
* arnd will be working at reduced working hours through to the end of the year while moving house
<dsaxena> for the rest of the meeting, are there any pressing technical issues that could benefit from group discussion?
* svenkatr has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
* andrey_konovalov just wonders what would be the correct answer to tixy's question about the kernel version for this month release..
<dsaxena> andrey_konovalov, i've pinged npitre
<dsaxena> 3.1.5 is likely
<dsaxena> we've not thrown together a 3.2-rc tree
<dsaxena> and it's a little late to do that
<arnd> I'm not following the releases as closely as I might
<arnd> is there anything going in besides the stuff that comes through the stable tree?
<andrey_konovalov> Was the Angus's answer about his LT tree?
<andrey_konovalov> "For 11.12, Ubuntu we're targeting 3.2 , and for Android it will be 3.0. If there's enough time to get the mali graphics going in 3.2 then Android will get 3.2 as well."
<dsaxena> andrey_konovalov, that is how i read it
<dsaxena> even if we had a single release from KWG, there's no guarantee that the LTs will use it as the above shows
<andrey_konovalov> ok. So every question about the kernel version implies (number_LT + 1)*2 answers :) as it seems
<dsaxena> :)
<dsaxena> andrey_konovalov, that's part of what we need to fix with an overall process
<dsaxena> but i think it will be sometime before we have 1 kernel tree that works for everyone
<andrey_konovalov> yes
* npitre arrives late
<dsaxena> npitre, greetings!
<dsaxena> npitre, so we're wondering about kernel version for this release (thursday)
<dsaxena> npitre, I'm assuming 3.1.5 as we don't have a 3.2 tree
<npitre> dsaxena:  right
<dsaxena> ok, tnx
<dsaxena> npitre, do you have any specific patches you want from folks in the team?
<npitre> I've yet to merge and push it out though
<npitre> dsaxena: nothing in particular I'm aware of
<dsaxena> npitre, ok tnx
<dsaxena> npitre, andrey_konovalov let's plan on a sync up call to talk about transitioning the kernel to Andrey next month
<andrey_konovalov> ok, when?
<npitre> dsaxena: I think that starting afresh with v3.2 for andrey would be best
<dsaxena> npitre, +1
<andrey_konovalov> sounds good
<dsaxena> npitre, the goal is to get to the point we talked about at connect (release on -rc) ASAP
<dsaxena> that leads to the ci-loop
<dsaxena> and making sure that andrey_konovalov arnd npitre and myself stay on top of watching the results
<npitre> yes, and this doesn't need to wait until next month
<dsaxena> arnd, have you been making use of the ci-loop build results this cycle?
<npitre> the work can start with the current -rc
<npitre> andrey_konovalov: for patch requests going into the linaro kernel, it is always best if people CC the linaro-dev mailing list
* npitre is reading back through the irc log
<dsaxena> npitre, of interest around kernel process is moving to having topic branches for kernel team work
<dsaxena> which means coordinating the sub-team work
<andrey_konovalov> npitre: ok. This is better than Cc the individuals, agreed.
<dsaxena> for example, we want a topic branch with all pinctrl patches across all Linaro members
<dsaxena> and one for all the emmc patches
<dsaxena> one for all dt patches
<dsaxena> etc
<dsaxena> so we'll have to work on having everyone working a bit more closer together
<dsaxena> one more thing before I call it a meeting from my end
<npitre> dsaxena: ideally, you want a branch that the upstream maintainer for the concerned area can pull for the next merge window
<dsaxena> please go through your BPs and mark work you're finishing thins month as DONE and start marking work items for january 2012
<dsaxena> npitre, agreed, though in some cases we may have work that needs to go in via multiple upstream maintainers (core vs driver work) but we still want 1 branch internally for the whole topic
<npitre> dsaxena: sure, but care must be taken to ensure there is still a separate branch for upstream consumption, even if we do have aggregation branches
<dsaxena> yep, agreed
<dsaxena> npitre andrey_konovalov we can discuss it offline
<dsaxena> it == details
<dsaxena> npitre andrey_konovalov I'll send out a calendar invite
<andrey_konovalov> ok
<npitre> dsaxena: sure
<dsaxena> ok, i have another meeting to run to so that's it from my end
<dsaxena> thank you all for your time

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