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Meeting info

  • Kernel WG meetings are conducted over IRC: #linaro-kernel on Freenode.

Morning Attendees

  • Loïc Minier: X
  • Paul McKenney: X

  • Arnd Bergmann: X
  • Anand Gadyar:
  • Per Forlin: X
  • Mian Yousaf Kaukab: X
  • Nicolas Pitre: X
  • Dave Martin: X
  • Shawn Guo:
  • Mounir Bsaibes: X
  • Grant Likely: X
  • Andy Green: X
  • Mian: X
  • Lennert Buytenhek: X
  • Rob Herring: X
  • John Bonesio: X
  • Ken Werner: X

Evening Attendees

  • John Stultz:
  • Jeremy Kerr: X
  • Jason Hui:
  • Grant Likely: X
  • Aneesh V: X
  • Thomas Abraham
  • Sanjeev Premi:
  • Nishant Kamat:
  • Paul McKenney: X

  • Mounir Bsaibes:
  • Shawn Guo: X


Action Items from Previous Meeting

To see the completed action items: Action Items Done

Minutes From This Meeting

  • meetinglog-02-28-2011 meetinglog-evening-02-28-2011

  • Nicolas
    • merged basic device tree support in the linaro-2.6.38 branch. There are some minor patches still remaining to actually make use of it which will get sorted out in the next week or so.
    • will be testing DT from Nicola's tree from now on.
  • Loic
    • asked when some .dts file will be available for merging into Nicolas' tree? Loic likes to do an end to end demo including DT aware images and tools. Grant agreed to provide a bare-bones .dts file as Loic requested.
  • Grant
    • there is good progress on the Freescape and Samsung DT support. Will pick up the patches that look ready into devicetree/test John Bonesio has reworked the .dtb zimage append patches and will be posting today.
  • Nicholas
    • patch reworking the zImage wrapper code was accepted by RMK
  • Dave
    • got a patch merged to put "thumb2" in the module vermagic (so we avoid the risk of mismatched module).
    • Encouraged jcrigby to turn on thumb2 for the omap kernel for the next iteration -- but he ran into module loading problems. This is related to some odd tools behaviour, putting a relocation in .kos which really shouldn't be there bug #725126 The bug all binutils.
  • Per
    • like to have some more hardware to test on.
    • Finishing up some test and configurations part of the blue print I have. To really complete the work for MMC-framework I need to show results for other boards as well I think running.
    • Testing different SD-cards is more difficult doing remotely. Access to a panda board with a loadable modules for MMC that would work.
    • Have an efikamx laptop from Genesi. With a UART-debug-connector for this laptop I could use it for MMC development.
  • arnd
    • will take a new start with the remapper this week.
  • Rob
    • I have our platform updated to gcl's latest tree. I need to send out PMU DT bindings patch again. Hopefully, gcl will pick it up.
  • ken
    • There is "imprecise external abort" that prevents recent snapshots from being working on my board. Buf # 72005
  • Jeremy
    • about to send out another revision of the clk patches, only a minor change from last time. It provides a kernel-wise definition of struct clk one of the things that was blocking a multiplatform kernel is that most platforms define their own. This will help the DT work, but not essential for it. that's a port of the common clock to mx27, not a DT implementation. Uwe has done a platform port using them for mx27,
  • Lennert
    • Sent Grant a patch series on virq.
  • Shawnguo
  • Aneesh
    • finished the SPL work. Posted the series yesterday.
    • Tried the Thumb build for U-Boot No major challenges there, Size reduction is about 23%. No major difference in my crude measurement of boot speed until the U-Boot prompt.

Action Items From This meeting

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