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Morning Attendees

  • Loïc Minier: x
  • Paul McKenney: x

  • Arnd Bergmann x
  • Anand Gadyar:
  • Per Forlin: x
  • Mian Yousaf Kaukab:
  • John Rigby:
  • Nicolas Pitre: x
  • Dave Martin: x
  • Shawn Guo:
  • Mounir Bsaibes: x
  • Ken Werner: x
  • Grant Likely: x
  • Andy Green: x

Evening Attendees

  • John Stultz: x
  • Jeremy Kerr: x
  • Jason Hui: x
  • Grant Likely:
  • Aneesh V:
  • Thomas Abraham
  • Sanjeev Premi:
  • Nishant Kamat: x
  • Paul McKenney:x

  • Mounir Bsaibes:
  • Shawn Guo: x


Action Items from Previous Meeting



Date Recorded

Due Date



Nico to Pull DT support



Dig through the blueprints to see which one has u-boot work in them



Talk to other groups to handle kernel testing


Complete all blueprints specification


Some left

Document how to continue code submission while upstream kernel & Linaro release are in feature freeze




For Action items Current Status See: Action Items Pending

To see the completed action items: Action Items Done

Minutes From This Meeting

  • meetingLog-02-21-2011

  • meetingLog-evening-02-21-2011

  • Went over the bug list in the agenda
    • 615972 reflects work not yet done.
    • 722645 is a dupe of 720055 FWIW
    • 652426 has a patch according to Shawn Guo (see bugzilla), issue is how to get it into build. Jason's fix should apply, as Jason is officially working on u-boot.
    • 655138 looks like warmcat found a fix from Kirill Shutemov for this one.
    • 655641 look to be new, Shawnguo will take a look and see if it still happen on new builds.
    • 660507 looks to be a case of a leftover debug message.
    • 655138 should be a one-liner to fix... if RMK agrees with the premise. 655138, this was solved in July 2010 by;a=commit;h=3dc91aff9c3ef54b15cdaf32f61f973489fe69eb so agreen closed the bug

    • 660639 appears to be new. Paul sent email to the guy filing it checking to see if it still exists in current kernels.
    • 708167 looks like a one-liner updating debian/copyright...
    • 709245 is a performance issue with USB I/O. About a 2x decrease for Panda compared to Beagle C4. Looks like a good one for Mian when he returns. Mian would need a Beagle and a Panda to fix 709245
    • 710531 Appears to be uboot on mx51, thinking Aneesh V for uboot, but would this be a good one for Jason?
    • 712025 looks like an X Windows on Beagle and xM.
    • 712175 looks like some retry code needs to be added to MMC/SD code -- removing and reinserting works around the problem. Arnd will take a look at that one, will look at the code and see if he can figure it out otherwise we need a !Beagleboard C4, Avik has a !Beagleboard C4. Shawn Guo have seen 710531 fixed on u-boot mainline, Jason should update the bug.
    • 717677 looks to be fixed in an upcoming hardware pack.
    • 716540 has a proposed patch.
    • 720714 looks like a feature-parity request for uboot on !EfikaMX.
    • 722525 might be related to 652426 -- same symptoms, different board.
  • Old Action Items
    • Paul I did find all the uboot blueprint items.Mounir to mark this item complete.
    • Nico asked whether the device-tree support getting to the point where it can be pull into the tree? Nico is considering it but only for the linaro-2.6.38 branch
      • Linaro-2.6.38 is open but Nico need to make sure it is on feature parity with the linaro-2.6.37 branch. But, Nico might announce linaro-2.6.38 sooner than that so people with an interest to see their stuff in earlier can do so.
  • Discussion about what's happening with 622429 bug, " ethernet device appears as usb0 and not eth0 on beagle XM boards" then, it is stalled with npitre reasonably saying usb0 is OK and lool wishing it was eth0
    • usb0 reflects the reality but we should decide and fix it or close the bug. No conclusion was reached in this meeting.
  • If a bug is specific to a particular hardware it can be handed to the appropriate landing team. If it kernel generic, the Kernel WG will handle.
  • <jk-> reported: just a general point: the common clk stuff seems to be stabilising now, so if anyone's keen to update their platform port, let me know

  • the selecting of numerical values in the kconfig still needs work. John needs to check in with Jason on that as well. The kconfig work is still at risk for freeze. We may need to ask for exception after the freeze to get it in.
  • The common clk will target at .39 or .40? depending on upstream acceptance
  • Nico hash opened the linaro 2.6.38 kernel and this should be the focus from now on, as the release will be based on it. Testing and bug fixes should be done on that tree.

Action Items From This meeting

  • Mounir to check on H/W remote access and see how to access them
  • Dave Martin to send me a pull req for linaro-2.6.38 to Nico

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