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Morning Attendees

  • Loïc Minier:
  • Paul McKenney: X

  • Arnd Bergmann: x
  • Anand Gadyar:
  • Per Forlin: x
  • Mian Yousaf Kaukab:
  • John Rigby:
  • Nicolas Pitre: x
  • Dave Martin: x
  • Shawn Guo:
  • Mounir Bsaibes: x
  • Thomas Abraham: x
  • Grant Likely: x
  • Ken Werner: x
  • Andy Green: x
  • Rob Herring: x
  • lp- IRC nickname

Evening Attendees

  • John Stultz: X
  • Jeremy Kerr:
  • Jason Hiu: X
  • Grant Likely: X
  • Aneesh V: X
  • Thomas Abraham
  • Sanjeev Premi:
  • Nishant Kamat:
  • Paul McKenney: X

  • Mounir Bsaibes:
  • Anand Gadiyar: x
  • Lennert Buytenhek: X
  • Shawn Guo: X


  • Announcement / Upcoming Dates
    • Feature Freeze 2 /24/2011
    • Board Support Freeze 2/24/2011
    • Alpha 3 release 03/03/2011

  • Nico - How he decided to handle linaro kernel for this release
  • Burndown Charts:

  • Action items from previous meetings: Non-device-tree uboot items found.
  • Bug review
  • Individual Weekly Status - Mounir is collecting the activity at ../../ActivityReports/2011-02-11. It is a good idea to update the WI Status in the blueprint while doing the weekly Status report.

  • Pending Action items from previous meetings
  • Next-cycle kernel work: See Future (and thanks to Rob Herring for taking notes on this discussion!).

Kernel Bugs Review

Bug Num






Panda board shuts down during boot

Looks like a kernel issue but possible uboot related



System hangs due to cascade of smsc95xx errors




panda: no gfx due to missing kernel functionality

Anand Gadiyar is looking into upstreaming the relevant patches.



Panda board shuts down during boot

Looks like a kernel issue but possible uboot related (Andy Green: possibly due to uboot attempting to boot something other than Linux. Workaround: power from AC adapter without USB connection. Arnd: on AC power, get one command, then hangs.)



asoc: interface omap-mcbsp-dai hw params failed

(Sanjeev looking into this.)

Action Items from Previous Meeting

To see the completed action items: Action Items Done

Minutes From This Meeting

  • WorkingGroups/Kernel/Meetings/2011-02-14/meetingLog-02-14-2011

  • WorkingGroups/Kernel/Meetings/2011-02-14/meetingLogEvening-02-14-2011

  • Next-cycle kernel work: See Future (and thanks to Rob Herring for taking notes on this discussion!).

    • Rob - might want to generalize crc32 to support in kernel neon optimization
    • XOR for s/w raid is another item that has interl SSE optimization
    • Crypto and raid
    • AES
    • IP checksum might be another item to handle
    • v4l-openmax wrapper? should be in the kernel WG or multimedia WG?
  • Bleprints specification
    • Still missing review of K4.3 and the specification for Kexec and testing
    • Grant is tracking WI's in his weekly status, need to start moving them to bp's. Not all WI's are related to 11.05 release, though.
  • Device Tree - Grant -
    • The critical bug has been fixed, patches have been respun and submitted to mailing list and ARM and devicetree/ARM branch
    • Looking through the dt support patches I've received to pick up the ones that are ready into devicetree/arm
    • Target for mainline of ARM dt?
      • Probably not 2.6.39, but I'll ask rmk privately what his current opinion is anyway. But the main thing he wanted to see was a complete platform port which has not been done yet. We're getting close, but I don't think it will be ready in time to merge for .39 so I'm hoping for .40
    • Received new board support patches from thomas-ab which look promising
    • request to Nico to merge dt support.. Nico will do after some fixes needed, like concatenate the dtb data with the zImage directly.
  • Dave - has some Thumb-2 patches for OMAP upstream guys are mostly ok with them, but some PowerMnagaement opration don't work in Thumb-2.

  • Bug 708883 - need to collect H/w difference to try to figure out the cause of the problem.
  • ShawnGuo will start on DT after finishing some mxs work.

  • lennert Did powerpc irq_data conversion and sent patches, will have some more patches out soon, the work will result in common code between powerpc and arm ( at least this is the goal).
  • Janson Hui
    • Basic DT boot up ok on mx51 babbage board with uboot and linux kernel. Will submit uboot patch for DT support on MX51/53 board soon. Patch is ready. Issues met for DT support, Some driver/device binding issue need resolved. For example, the uart driver, with DT support, the driver expected just imx-uart, but it passed with 7000c000.imx-uart, and the device id, it set to -1 in the code, but the driver may requre the acutal id 0, 1, 2...
    • MX53 uboot support, code upstream done!
    • did some SPL work too.. SPL almost done.. but not ready for submission yet..
  • Aneesh Bug 708883 hard to reproduce the bug. There were people trying to reproduce it and others unable to. Lennert said 708883 at first glance looks like supply voltage sagging too much, but the comments aren't entirely consistent with that.
    • It may be a good idea to ship the failing board with the Power Supply with the failing image.

Action Items From This meeting

  • Pull basic dt support - Nico

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