This month's meetings

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Morning Attendees

  • Loïc Minier:
  • Paul McKenney: X

  • Arnd Bergmann X
  • Anand Gadyar:
  • Per Forlin:
  • Mian Yousaf Kaukab:
  • John Rigby:
  • Nicolas Pitre: X
  • Shawn Guo:
  • Mounir Bsaibes: X
  • Andy Green: X
  • Rob Herring: X
  • Lorenzo Pieralisi: X
  • Grant Likely: X
  • Arvind Raghuraman: X
  • Madoringe: X

Evening Attendees

  • John Stultz: X
  • Jeremy Kerr: X
  • Jason Hui:
  • Grant Likely: X
  • Anand Gadyar:
  • Aneesh V: X
  • Thomas Abraham: X
  • Sanjeev Premi:
  • Nishant Kamat:
  • Paul McKenney: X

  • Mounir Bsaibes:


Kernel Bugs Review

Bug Num






System hangs due to cascade of smsc95xx errors




panda: no gfx due to missing kernel functionality

Anand Gadiyar is looking into upstreaming the relevant patches.



Panda board shuts down during boot

Looks like a kernel issue but possible uboot related (Andy Green: possibly due to uboot attempting to boot something other than Linux. Workaround: power from AC adapter without USB connection. Arnd: on AC power, get one command, then hangs.)



asoc: interface omap-mcbsp-dai hw params failed

(Sanjeev looking into this.)

Action Items from Previous Meeting

To see the completed action items: Action Items Done

Minutes From This Meeting

  • Arnd Bergmann It would be helpful to have multiple branches in TI tree, especially topic branches for patches that are nearly ready to go upstream.
  • Nicolas Pitre: Choice between 2.6.37 and 2.6.38: 2.6.38 has feature frozen, but need to keep testing on 2.6.37 for stability. It might make sense to switch to 2.6.38 later in cycle, but only if 2.6.38 becomes stable. If a switch is appropriate, it will be reasonably straightforward, since most of the work was backporting 2.6.38 candidate patches.
  • Mounir Bsaibes: Setup the mailing list, requested team to send activity update to the new mailing list. Requested a document to clarify how to continue development while 2.6.38 is frozen and Linaro 11.05 release feature freeze is at end of this month.
  • Andy Green: TI looking to port their BSP from 2.6.35 to 2.6.38. They have been getting some of their patches into mainline-ready form, and will continue maintaining their BSP on recent mainline.
  • Grant Likely: Sent Saturday Feb 5th email on Device Tree to,, and If you can avoid it, please avoid attaching a platform-specific function to your device tree, but sometimes the only other choice is special-case code in the driver. In general, board-specific variances should go into machine-setup code. In general, SoC-specific variances should go into the driver. Can put dependencies into device tree, though current implementation does not yet respect these.

  • Arvind Raghuraman: Mentor Graphics, interested in Device Tree.
  • John Stultz: Freeze coming up, config management not likely to make it. Biggest issue is making "select" statement act on the choices in the "select" statement, overriding any "default" statements. (Paul to look at adding this feature.)

Action Items From This meeting

  • Paul to document the Release how to prepare for upstream kernel feature freeze and Linaro feature freeze, how the developer will continue coding and to where they should submit their patches. Paul to check with Nico then send a note to the KW group, other Tech leads and the landing teams (DONE).
  • Paul to work with Nico to establish a post-freeze policy for patch acceptance criteria for the Linaro kernel release tree.
  • Get the Sweden number for the conference number - Mounir
  • Check subscription to the linaro-kernel mailing list and see who has not subscribed yet from the KW assignees - Mounir

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