This month's meetings

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  • Paul E. McKenney

  • Grant Likely
  • Nicolas Pitre
  • Steve Sakoman
  • Matt Waddell
  • Mounir Bsaibes


  • LDS schedule:
    • Blueprints into normal form: K1, K2.1, K4, K5, K7
    • K1: Ready for review.
    • K2.1, K2.2, K2.3: Review to ensure that they are set up properly. K2.3 patches queued for next merge window.
    • K2.4: Ensure kernel compiles with Thumb 2. Support should be there, but not thoroughly tested in kernel.
    • K3: BSP investigation: Review the BSP reviews by Dave and Arnd, ensure that the people understand the comments and feedback.
    • K4: Android.
    • K5: Storage performance: config/test vs. kernel changes. Per-platform issues (e.g., Versatile Express eMMC performance issues 200KB/s vs expected 20MB/s, perhaps driver or hardware issues) vs. issues across all platforms.
    • K6: Paul to get more info.
    • K7: Ready for discussion, hopefully Jeremy covers for Grant.
    • K8: kexec used to work for some ARM systems, but there are some cache issue with some newer CPU cores that need to be addressed. Core kexec/kdump support does exist.
    • K9: What to do the raise the bar for testing, how to handle external testing? Automation good, but concerned about keyboard and mouse testing. Perhaps abrek, which is improving quickly. Need to involve Paul Larson to learn about automation.
  • iMX51 issues with boot image: status? Lack of eMMC support for booting iMX51: patches in flight, Nico verifying, should be sorted out soon.
  • Weekly release update on Thursdays -- need to have updated
  • Testing of images? Yes!!! Post issues to email or file bugzillas!!!

Action Items

  • Grant: Review Device Tree items, update (either via wiki or email).
  • Paul: Complete blueprint rework.
  • Mounir: Work with Jamie to schedule sessions.

Action Items from Previous Meeting


  • See above.

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